The Scientology Coup

The Sea Organization or Sea Org originally consisted of the most dedicated, on policy and in tech staff members of Scientology who were personally selected by the Old Man himself to help him conduct research into the Advanced Levels of Scientology. Much of this history  is covered in the book Mission Into Time formerly entitled A Test of Whole Track Recall.

This is where Ron made his discovery of the exact series of GPMs that achieved the level of OT II followed by OT Section III. The latter covered in his famous lecture known as RJ67.

From there he moved on to training the highest level of Auditors in Scientology with the release of the Class VIII course in 1968.

The Sea Org then “moved in” to establish land based Advanced Organizations and Flag Operations Liaison Offices. The latter established to liaise with Central or Class IV and Saint Hill Organizations to either recruit more staff for the Sea Org or move the public on to the Advanced Courses which were only available at the former.

Contemporaneously, missions were sent out to “get in ethics” at the lower org levels so that tech could be gotten in or at least that was the plan.

In the beginning this was done by veteran staff members who were now Sea Org members and knew their way around a Scientology Organization but as time went on many of the missionares sent had very little experience with how lower orgs operated because they had been  recruited directly into the Sea Org or came with their parents who themselves were Sea Org recruits.

The latter became Commodore’s Messengers who as the name suggests ran messages between Ron and the rest of the staff as opposed to Commodore’s Staff Aides who actually advised him and who were veteran Sea Org members who had familiarity with Scientology’s organizational structure.

Yet strange as it seems. It was this former group of messengers who would manage to form a clique or conspiracy that would eventually take over the Organization!

What I call “the coup”.

The Commodore’s Messenger Org

In the early morning of  July 7 1977 the FBI raided Scientology’s Guardian’s Office and later would indict and convict its key executives for a “conspiracy” against the US Government.

Much of this is described in Omar Garrison’s book Playing Dirty.

What this did was initiate a power struggle between the Sea Organization and Guardian’s Office which included the Office of the Controller of Scientology which is described in FEBC Lecture 12 The FEBC Org Board and its VFPs:


Now the department twenty is of course the office of the controller, which is really the Guardian’s Office with all Guardian’s bureaus in it, and is usually manned in an org by an AG, and will often have an AG finance. This has the valuable final product of acceptances of Scientology. It’s acceptances, and you will find out that translates several ways from the middle. It translates in numerous directions. It would consist of combatting an enemy propa- ganda action, it would consist of getting in good press, it would consist of quite a few things. But the end of all of that is a product, and its acceptance, so you could actually measure up numerically, acceptances. And that too governs, to a marked degree, the viability of the org at large, so of course it adds into all of the other products.


The Office of Controller was held by Ron’s able wife and confident Mary Sue.

What the raid also did was cause Ron to distance himself from the Scientology organization and move from his headquarters in La Quinta near Palm Springs to a secret location outside of San Luis Obispo near the small town of Creston.

With Ron out of the picture. Some say in seclusion others say in hiding. Came the bloodless coup that was initiated by members of the Sea Org which to a greater or lesser degree is described in the lecture RJ 38 (Part B).

However one wonders if Ron along with Scientologists in general were given the full story of what actually happened after listening to the above lecture.

It would seem the result over many years and the current state of the organization would suggest that things were not as they seem and that the real villains in the piece where not the GO but were made to seem that way.

What if they were carefully lured or entrapped into committing illegal actions by agent provocateurs sponsored by those who’s vested interest was to seize control of the Organization?

Those such as myself who have studied the takeover of the Church have found it interesting that actual policy was pretty much defenestrated in the efforts of a few in the Commodore’s Messenger Org which would eventually be led by David Miscavige a man who was blatantly ignorant of Scientology policy to take total control.


David Miscavige

All one who had any actual knowledge of the subject of Scientology would have to do is watch Miscavige being interviewed  by Ted Koppel on the news program Night Line to see that he doesn’t have a grasp of the subject. Especially the Training Routines. Here we see he interrupts Koppel many times and doesn’t acknowledge him but blusters back at him instead.

All one has to do is compare his to Ron’s performance in Introduction to Scientology or even in a hostile interview such as the Incredible Shrinking World of L Ron Hubbard.

When Miscavige is asked about an excerpt of an LRH lecture that anyone who has done the Saint Hill Special Course knows exists he denies it’s existence showing his complete ignorance of the subject.

Yet ironically this is the man who has declared his “Religious Leadership” of the subject by virtue of being the “Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center”  as if these two things were somehow synonymous.

Religious Technology Center

Back in early 1982 Ron was convinced to turn over the control of his trademarks and service marks of the subject over to Religious Technology Center. That’s Religious Technology Center or RTC without the “the” much like most insiders refer to the CIA as CIA in the same manner which is probably just a coincidence.

One could ask why he did this? Since these legal devices were originally under the control of  the Hubbard Communications Office or HCO which included the right to sign his name to any Scientology certificate awarded to any Scientologist according to well established policy.

Maybe he wanted assurance before he moved off of his mortal coil that there would be a separate organization that would insure the proper use of the marks.

This seems to be the case stated in the policy Misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology.

What is little known by most Scientologists is that at around the same time he personally created another legal entity known as the Church of Spiritual Technology which held the copyrights and also had the option to assume control of all the trademarks and service marks if the Church and RTC fell into hostile hands which many say has long since come to pass.

The Church of Spiritual Technology

It seems the Church of Spiritual Technology has been biding its time by building vast underground vaults and sealing the original materials which includes handwritten policies, bulletins and notes written by the Old Man himself in titanium coffins impervious to any possible armageddon.

Seemingly content to watch the Church in its current incarnation under the  deft “leadership” of David Miscavige circle the drain.

I laugh when I read formers Sea Org executives claiming that there is no such thing as OT levels above OT VIII because they raided the ranch at Creston and found no evidence of such levels in the possession of Pat Broeker a former aide to L Ron Hubbard.

Especially when Ron wrote during the early and mid seventies that these levels existed in note form. Notes that were probably gathered up years before what one former exec jocularly referred to as the raid of Entebbe.

Have they personally inspected those vaults themselves?

As I have written many times earlier. We do know that there are several OT levels that were released earlier that are no longer part of the current line up given by the Church. Levels that were once there that are no longer available to the public.

It seems the last thing the Church wants to do these days is make actual OTs.


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