The Guardian’s Office versus the Office of Special Affairs

L Ron Hubbard established the Guardian‘s Office on March 1st 1966 placing his wife Mary Sue Hubbard as the first Guardian by life time appointment.

Much of the story of what happened to the Guardian’s Office can be found in Omar Garrison’s book Playing Dirty.

What isn’t covered in the book is what happened some time afterward which is covered Arrows in the Dark by Merrell Vannier.

I recommend those two books as they are primer of the rise and fall of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office.

Another book I recommend if taken with a grain of salt is Marty or Mark Rathbun’s Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.

The problem with the latter two books is they are both written as memoirs and therefore lack supporting documentation unlike the first which is well sourced with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Like this blog they are both based on perspective. I personally try to counter what is solely my opinion by presenting documents and sources in many but not all cases to back up what I write but still much of what I present here is from my own unique point of view or again perspective.

Having written this I therefore recommend that one does not simply accept what I say and do one’s own due diligence and research which means going beyond google and in many cases the internet.

This may mean actually filing a FOIA request of one’s own which I myself have done or actually reading books for instance on that I highly recommend is Miles Copeland’s  The Game Player  (don’t let the price detract you since it can also be found at one’s local library) a book I’ve done a series of articles on.

Another thing to avoid is so called “experts” on the subject like for example Mike Rinder who gets paid for his “expertise” by groups and individuals who are opposed to Scientology.

In fact there is a series of blogs by Ashton Grey that discusses many of the “experts” on the subject of Scientology who he flippantly calls “History Makers” probably because they seem to confabulate and alter historical facts in his research series for Watergate; the Hoax. Another book I highly recommend and will be doing a review on at some point in the near future.

Many think that I have strayed from the original topic about the Guardian’s Office versus the Office of Special Affairs but actually I am just getting started by laying the foundation for this piece by pointing out there is a lot of disinformation, mixed with opinion laced with the occasional fact.

First let’s get down to one piece of disinformation and that is that the downfall of the Guardian’s Office was caused by “Operation Snow White”. The fact is that there was no such thing as a specific “operation” called “Snow White”. “Snow White” was program that was devised by the Guardian’s Office to expose Government lies and disinformation about Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard which consisted of various projects and subprojects which could be considered operations. One in particular was GO 1361 which was the one that actually brought down the GO and is covered in the Stipulation of Evidence which the defendants pled to. In the actual document Snow White is referred to as a “program”.

Why am I splitting hairs here? Well because there is nothing wrong with a group or individual seeking information on themselves through the FOIA which is what the Snow Program sought to do. Implying that this was an “operation” covert or otherwise is just plain wrong and is how the media and the press take something totally innocuous and turn it into something evil.

Instead of correctly calling it a “program” call it an “operation” and let the public’s mind run rampant with idiotic accusations that what the Guardian’s Office ran one of the biggest covert operations in American history which frankly is totally absurd!

Snow White never approached the level of sophistication as such things as CoIntelPro, MH/Chaos and the recently released spying operations exposed by Edward Snowden involving the NSA illegally spying on Americans!

Yet there are a few in the Anti-Scientology community who would like one to believe this bunk.

Even as far as private organizations such as the Skull and Bones or various corporate interests Scientology’s activities were very small.

In other words many Scientology critics are making a mountain out of a mole hill about the Guardian’s Office “sinister” reach into the US Government. A laughable myth.

Yet the fact remains that the Guardian’s Office key target was from its beginning the US Government and its covert operations directed against the Church. Many some still believe are being continued today under David Miscavige’s so called “leadership”.

Not so with the organization that replaced it known as the Office of Special Affairs.

One looks in vain to find an actual policy written by Hubbard establishing this entity in the more recent version of the Organization Executive Course volumes and there is none.

In other words in the gospel according to Scientology as written by L Ron Hubbard the organization doesn’t even exist! Like many things within the Scientology organization these days like for example The Golden Age of Tech and its later version.

As with much of what goes on within the Church of Scientology these days. It exists within an alternative universe which wasn’t created by L Ron Hubbard but someone else.



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