Scientology and Politics

 “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Mark 12:17

English Standard Version

Invidious Connection

What does Scientology say about politics?

Well unlike what has become known as the “Religious Right” not really that much.

In fact in a policy specifically about politics, Hubbard declared that the subject be free of any political bent or slant.

Of course this hasn’t prevented Scientologists or the Church which many including myself say has diverged from Scientology’s basic philosophy and tenants from becoming involved in politics.

The latter has caused unnecessary fraction and division within the Church itself. The reason being is clearly stated in the above mentioned policy specifically in the following quote:

Scientologists may be members of any political group on this planet without restraint only so long as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it unworkable or distasteful by invidious connection.

This can be seen in the past when Scientology’s publication Freedom Magazine supported George Hubert Walker Bush’s war in the Gulf and later when they supported William Jefferson Clinton’s “humanitarian bombing” efforts in Kosovo.

Unfortunately their glowing support of the first Gulf war can not be found in the morgue  but their support of the former Yugoslavia debacle can be found here.

This is not surprising since the Church’s efforts have been to sanitize Hubbard’s and Scientology’s image into what would be considered “Mainstream” or more “Politically Correct”. One that began with their association with the notorious PR or “Perception Management” firm known as Hill & Knowlton.

Deep Politics

For the most part under Hubbard’s control of the organization they eschewed politics save to criticize the current regime for any real or imagined failings. Much of his ire was directed toward the AMA and Psychiatry who evidence suggests had infiltrated various Government organizations and had made life difficult for the nascent Scientology organizations operating in the United States and abroad.

The only time Hubbard ever sought to influence an election for a President was surprisingly successful.

In the Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin of April 24th 1960 he states:

A person named Richard M. Nixon will enter his name this Fall at a convention as a citizen aspiring to the Presidency of the United States. Many Scientologists think he is all right because I once quoted him. This is very far from the facts and I hasten to give you the real story why Richard M. Nixon must be prevented at all costs from becoming president.


Nixon of course lost the election to John Fitzgerald Kennedy by probably one of the narrowest margins in history.

Hubbard believed that the new president was someone he could work with and sent him a recorded lecture that he had given his students on the Saint Hill Briefing course entitled Teaching The Field Sec-Checks . Sec-Checks of course being short for Security Checking. A technique devised by Hubbard using the E-Meter to detect individuals who might have the intention of harming the Scientology organization.

Something that Kennedy probably could have used and that may have saved his life but instead he or someone working directly under him ordered the Health Education and Welfare Department’s Food and Drug Administration to raid the Church of Scientology in early 1963.

It was shortly after this that Hubbard withdrew his support of the US Government with the above Hubbard Communications Policy Letter Politics; Freedom From.

Yet despite Hubbard’s efforts to remain apolitical and Kennedy’s assassination the attacks against Scientology continued. In fact under the Johnson administration the IRS revoked Scientology’s Tax Exempt status while the FDA continued its legal assault on Scientology’s use of the E-Meter.

As research indicates Kennedy and Scientology both became victims of what could be called “deep politics“.

Thus it seems likely that Hubbard created the Office of the Guardian or the Guardian’s Office to counter the detrimental effects of the deep state and its actors against the Church of Scientology.

One reads references to what is called “Operation Snow White” but the fact is that “Snow White” was a program which consisted of a number of projects or operations many named after the dwarves in the fable which consisted of using the Freedom of Information Act or similar legislation in other countries to expose deep political activities conducted against the Church of Scientology by deep state operatives.

One in particular was known as Project Hunter directed against the IRS which was complemented by a little known directive or order known as GO 1361 which included infiltrating a mole into the Internal Revenue Service.

I’ve written at length on how this operation was probably conceived by an Agent Provocateur or “Confidential Informant” within the Church in order to entrap members of the Guardian’s Office into committing illegal acts so that they could be prosecuted.

Whatever the case may be. The fact is that highest level executives of Guardian’s Office were eventually prosecuted for what amounted to stealing documents or more accurately copies of documents that were made on the IRS’ own photocopy machine and for bugging one of their secret conferences having to do with Scientology.

For this the FBI conducted one of the biggest raids in its history to this point at the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles headquarters. Seizing thousands of documents. Many of them having nothing to do with the alleged crimes and were considered part of their parishioners Confessional Formularies.

It took several years but eventually the Guardian’s Office was “abolished” by a coup within the Church and a new more Government friendly office was formed known as the Office of Special Affairs.

A Rose is But a Rose

Many say that the Office of Special Affairs is just another version of the Guardian’s Office by another name but the fact is that whereas the Guardian’s Office for the most parts intelligence activities were directed toward the Government, OSA’s seems to be directed internally against members of its own organization somewhat like a secret police force or Gestapo.

In fact as I’ve alluded to earlier. It was probably for this reason that the powers that be returned the Church of Scientology’s tax exempt status in 1993.


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