“What’s past is prologue” William Shakespeare The Tempest

Not much seems to be happening in what is called the “independent field” these days. Last word from the Religious Liberty League was that they filed and received tax exempt status for the Independent Church of Scientology  and are in the process of securing the copyrights and trademarks of the subject. Another virtual gathering place for “indies” has been Milestone Two  which seems to be on a hiatus of some kind since it hasn’t posted an article since December 7th 2016.

There are others that have come and gone like  Scientologists Back In Comm which went out of comm in August of 2015.

Then there are two blogs who started out as “independent” concerns but gradually shifted to what I call the dark side. Such as Marty or Mark Rathbun’s Moving Up a Little Higher which at one time had a cult following and then eventually became a cult.

Leaving the only one that seems somewhat prolific these days which is Mike Rinder’s Something Can Be Done About It. Interesting that Mike writings seem to be repetitive and redundant to some extent and has falling it the old rut of referring back to earlier articles he has written with exception of two politically naive articles.

So obviously there isn’t much going on or so it would seem.

Not even at the mother ship. The Church of Scientology. Even though I am ruthlessly critical of Rinder at times. He does make a valid point in his last article about the current state of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles.

For those “wogs” (used flippantly) reading this. An Advanced Organization in Scientology is one that delivers the highest levels of the subject or so they say but in reality haven’t delivered them since the early eighties.

Using my remote viewing abilities I can see not just “wogs” but even a few Scientologists scratching their heads.

Well for those who haven’t read my previous articles or don’t happen to have an earlier version of the Grade Chart, say circa 1981 I have a surprise.

Since 1981 there have been five valid Advanced Levels of Scientology that have been excluded from the current version of the Scientology Grade chart.

What happened to them? One could ask.

Sometime back a person who would have been called the Technical Czar of Scientology simply eliminated them from the Grade Chart.

How did he do this?

Anyone who has been around Scientology for any length of time has read the policy Technical Degrades where it basically says that calling any aspect of Scientology Technology “old” is considered a high crime.

You see much of what we call Scientology Technology including the Advanced Levels of the subject was developed back in the 1950’s and early ’60’s. What followed the discovery of these processes was what was called Standardization of the subject.

This what Hubbard himself discusses in a very familiar policy called Keeping Scientology Working.

Sometime in 1965 these original processes where outlined in what in what is known as the Scientology Grade Chart or the Bridge to Total Freedom.

One looks at the chart and sees that the sequence was and still is ARC Straightwire, Communication, Problems, Overts and Withholds, Past Upsets and Fixed Ideas or Service Facsimiles for what are called the lower levels and above that what are called the Advance Grades or Levels.

Back then he left what processes to run on the preclear up to the discretion of the auditor.

This didn’t work out as well as the Old Man expected. So he had his Technical Staff compile a list of processes to run for each level or grade but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Since prior to this he discovered the level known as Section III OT short for Operating Thetan which is explained in the famous lecture known as RJ 67.

I find it ironic that the media fixates on this level. As if it was the Advanced Level on the Grade Chart. Probably because it involves an alleged incident that happened around seventy five million years ago which to many seems to incredible to be believed.

Even more incredible are those Scientologists who claim this incident was what caused them to doubt the validity of Scientology. As if they hadn’t picked up a copy of the History of Man which is available to the public in any Scientology book store! But I digress.

The fact is that what is called OT III was one of many of the Advanced Levels released before the 1970’s and that were in full use till the beginning of the 1980’s.

Let’s get back to the meaning of OT or Operating Thetan. An OT is a person theoretically that can Operate as a Thetan outside of the physical body.

Earlier I made a jocular reference to Remote Viewing. A technique of psychic spying “developed” by CIA in the early seventies with the help of several Scientologists directly based on Scientology techniques developed in the early 1950’s and currently in a book published under the title of Creation of Human Ability.

Don’t believe me?

I suggest picking up a copy and going directly to the processes section known as Route One. In particular Route One Eleven also known as the Grand Tour and tell me there is no basis in that process for what is currently known as Remote Viewing.

I’ll leave the rest to speculation at this point with the exclusion of the fact that many strange things happened after the release of this technology to the Agency such as a series of mysterious deaths and eventually Scientology’s Guardian’s Office being raided by the FBI.

After that these Advanced Levels mysteriously vanished off the Grade Chart around the time that David Mayo, Scientology’s Technical Czar took control of the technical subject of Scientology.

So back to the key question: “How did he do this?”

Well this is elementary my dear Watson!

Knowing that he couldn’t call these Advanced Levels “old” he replaced them when new levels and left it to Scientologist to tacitly assume they were “old” i.e. “no longer used” etc. etc.

True at some point Mayo was fully exposed as a “squirrel” shortly after this and organizationally disgraced but for some strange reason the major and radical change that he made to the Grade Chart was never corrected.

And so there it is! One key reason among many that the Advanced Organization probably is in trouble. They no longer deliver a majority of the Advanced Levels that are available.

Anyway I hope I was able to fill this vacuum of nothing happening in the “independent field” these days.


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