OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf

Scientology is a study in contradictions. But it would seem even the most enlightened beings at the top of the bridge aren’t able to perceive even the most obvious of them. Read this first me…

Source: OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf

Mike Rinder has been a critic of the Church of Scientology since around 2007 when he left as the Church’s spokesman.


Probably next to the much endeared Heber  Jentzsch he was probably the most well known and enduring.

Having assumed the role sometime in the early 1990’s when Heber for some reason was phased out.

Unlike Heber who relentlessly attacked institutional Psychiatry. His most famous assault being the one offering any Psychiatrist ten thousand dollars if they would submit themselves to Electro-Shock Treatment.

As far as I know there has been no takers to the proffered prize.

But I digress.

Rinder on the other hand spent much of his time instead defending the indefensible actions of Scientology’s self appointed “leader” David Miscavige.

This is quite evident in an article published in the St. Petersburg Times NKA Tampa Bay Times back in the late 1990’s.

Here one can see Rinder along with his co-conspirator Marty Rathbun defending Miscavige against various rumors that were prevalent even back then of his abusiveness toward staff members under his command.

Many of which now both Rinder and Rathbun say were actually true in an expose’  again published by the Tampa Bay Times after both of them had left the Church.

Myself having been a member of the Church for almost three decades. Never personally witnessed any of these actions but did note that the mood of the Church had changed somewhat some time shortly before Hubbard’s demise when the new Church Management took over in the early 1980’s.

Some say that Hubbard was personally responsible for this but the fact is that he was pretty much incommunicado for much of this time due to various civil and legal actions being taken against him at the time.

Especially after his wife Mary Sue and ten other executives and staff of the Guardian’s Office plead nolo contendere to a Stipulation of Evidence accusing them of a Conspiracy against the US Government.

More could be said and will be written. But for the sake of brevity. This is when the Sea Org as they say “moved in”. Spearheaded by the then Executive Director International Bill Franks who would later admit to being an informant for the FBI assisted by Pat Broeker, David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and others.

In other words there was a coupe. One that Hubbard would not find out about until several months later according to the article the Man Behind Scientology.

If this was truly the case then it is easy to see that Hubbard probably was pretty much kept in the dark about other organizational actions being taken by these young and not so young Turks.

One of the biggest changes that Rinder himself was personally responsible for was the removal of Mary Sue Hubbard as the Controller and the abolishment of the Guardian’s Office.

An action that according to the Scientology “scriptures” better known to Scientologists as policies is considered a High Crime or in Scientology vernacular a “Suppressive Act”.

Another action that was taken was to establish an office called Author Services of which Miscavige became the “Chairman of the Board”.

One that like the Religious Technology Center later would really have no actual board per se to be the “Chairman” of.

From Author Services the team of what was known as the “special project” basically covertly  ran the Scientology network.

Rinder says directly by Hubbard’s personal orders yet when I had the temerity to request copies of such orders to back up this assertion of his I was told I was impugning his integrity.

This coming from a man who admits to blatantly lying on Miscavige’s behalf about these rumors he now claims are true.

As anyone knows or should know. It is easy to counteract hearsay. More difficult to counter documented fact and the documented fact is that Hubbard had personally written that there were OT Levels above OT VIII existing in note form.

Another documented fact is that Hubbard personally never wrote what are considered the Expanded Scientology levels. He merely wrote and lectured what these levels should address.

Such as Communication, Problems, etc, etc.

Much like he did in the late seventies when he outlined the advanced levels of Scientology above OT VIII.

This is discussed in an earlier blog of mine.

So again we have documented evidence that such levels did indeed exist but were never released.

That said. One can believe Rinder and Rathbun when they authoritatively tell one such levels don’t exist or they can look it up for themselves.




3 thoughts on “OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf

  1. Interesting read. So much mystery surrounding Hubbard’s death and what his later intentions were. I’m sure he would me disappointed how Miscavige is running Scientology today.


  2. Hello, Sorry for the typo. Please correct the last sentence to say “I’m sure he would be disappointed how Miscavige is running Scientology today.” Thank you.


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