Quotes from Source

Over the years, David Miscavige has gradually been positioning himself as not only the “anointed” one, but as the actual successor to L. Ron Hubbard in every way. He is not only the …

Source: Quotes from Source

Mike and I have had our disagreements over the years but I thought I’d post his most recent blog on the depths the Church has sunk by quoting the Charlatan of the Board as if he were L Ron Hubbard.

Not that this sort of thing hasn’t happened in the past.

For example several years back they videoed his pompousness lecturing to a bunch of stuffed suits and swollen evening gowns at one of the Celebrity Center “Galas” as they’re called on “What is Scientology?”

A few minutes of watching Miscavige pretty much revealed that he didn’t have a clue.

But anyway they tried to unsuccessfully sell this abomination in the Bookstores and who knows it’s probably being used as coasters by the few who bought it.



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