The Drug War

Well, as I am enjoying the good life in Colorado, this seemed appropriate. The best summation of these sort of announcements is “These guys must be high.” There are cannabis stores ever…

Source: The Drug War


There are very few things Mike Rinder and I agree on these days.

He’s gone his way and I’ve gone mine. No need to expatiate.

That said.

I’m in agreement with his latest blog regarding Colorado’s shift toward legalizing pot.

Too bad California didn’t have the same foresight when they shot down a ballot that would have legalized Marijuana here in the Golden State.

But it seems much of the public and the politicians here would rather Male ulciscitur dedecus sibi illatum, qui amputat nasal suum or cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Take a look at their idiocy back in the ’90’s when they passed a mandatory motorcycle helmet law.

Motorcycle sales dropped almost 40% and now less people despite almost perfect weather for riding don’t ride or ride less.

Less motorcycles of course means more cars which increases freeway congestion and fossil fuel consumption.

So we can thank our California legislature inadvertently or otherwise for putting more cars on the road in an ostensible effort to keep motorcyclists safe.

Seems the law of unintended consequences applies.

Though it may seem that I digress but really like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Smoking Marijuana is just another matter of personal choice and behavior. One that doesn’t harm anyone other than the person doing it.

Yet it seems that in the last couple of decades California has epitomized what some call a nanny state.

I could go on about the asinine smoking bans in LA where one can’t even light up out doors for fear that some errant second hand smoke might penetrate the smog.

But suffice it to say that I’ve made my point on the lunacy of trying to legislate morality.

And so it is with the so called “war on drugs” which is just another form of prohibition. An action that was so successful in financing criminality that it was the only Constitutional amendment that was ever repealed.

Worse. It seems that the so called “Church of Scientology” supports this inanity while claiming to follow the words of L Ron Hubbard.

Obviously these idiots haven’t read Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health where Hubbard himself says back in 1950:


The chronic alcoholic is physically and mentally ill. Dianetics can clear him or even merely release him without too much trouble for alcohol is apparently not physiological in its addictive effect. With the whole range of chemistry to choose stimulants and depressants from, why the government chooses a superiorly aberrative and inferiorly stimulative compound to legalize is a problem for the better mathematicians, possibly these who deal exclusively in tax income problems. Opium is less harmful, marijuana is not only less physically harmful but also better in the action of keeping a neurotic producing, phenobarbital does not dull the senses nearly as much and produces less after effect, ammonium chloride and a host of other stimulants are more productive of results and hardly less severe on the anatomy: but no, the engrams, contaging unpleasantly along from the first crude brew which made one of our ancestors drunk, decree that alcohol is the only thing which is to be drunk if a person wants to “forget it all” and “have a good time.” There is really nothing wrong with alcohol save that it depends mainly on engrams and other advertising for its effect and is otherwise remarkably inferior in performance: that it makes such aberrative engrams is probably its main claim to fame and infame. Making one drug immoral and another one taxable is a sample of the alcohol engram in society.


He doesn’t exactly come out and say that marijuana should be legal, especially in the era “Refer Madness” but he does seem to imply that it should be.

Another thing that shows how far the Scientology Organization while claiming otherwise has strayed away from what they call the “scriptures” by getting in bed with agencies like the DEA and promoting that compilation of fiction called the “‘Truth’ About Drugs“.


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