Scientology and UFOs

Now, I don’t care – you can say I’m telling you fairytales about this sort of thing or something; we won’t worry about the credulity or incredulity of the data.

The Role of Earth

30 October 1952


Some so called “News” publications strain whatever little credibility they have by claiming that Scientology is a “UFO Cult or Religion”.

First of all the abbreviation “UFO” simply stands for Unidentified Flying Object and was used by the military particularly the Air Force for any object flying through the atmosphere that could not be easily identified.

Yet it seems the term now in vogue is now “Uncorrelated Track” or “UTC” which basically means the same thing but might cause difficulty for so called “UFOologists” who are looking for “UFO” reports beyond the early seventies.

The fact is that UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects do exist and have existed since the term was first used in the late forties and even before that when they were informally  described by pilots during World War II as “Foo Fighters“.

One can go back even further than that and find their existence mentioned in the bible and other ancient religious or historical texts.

It is not a new phenomenon.

What is relatively new are various efforts by the US Government and other Governments of the world efforts to study and explain this phenomenon which contrary to popular belief they actually take quite seriously at the highest and most secret levels of policy while pretending to the public that there is really nothing to worry about and that they all can be explained as “natural phenomena” such as geese capable of flying at supersonic speeds, “a slow moving meteors” and the planet “Venus” somehow being capable of maneuvering the sky , “misidentification” by people who’s job it is to identify all known aircraft and “hallucinations”of the kind that leave photographic or physical evidence.

Fortunately for them they have friends in the media and the press who will accept any implausible or completely impossible  “explanation” and count on them to discredit anyone who claims they’ve seen one while at Top Secret levels they continue to study this mystery.

All one one has to do is study many of the documents since made available by the Freedom of Information Act to become aware of the Government’s duplicitous and some would say schizophrenic approach to the subject.

Be that as it may. UFO is a valid abbreviation for the valid phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects that has somehow been twisted to mean only objects of extraterrestrial origin which is not always the case.

Some of these could be highly classified test aircraft that the public and even many in the military are not aware of because of their high level of classification.

Others could well be unexplained natural phenomena that what is sometimes factiously called “science” is not currently aware of.

For instance it took the so called “scientific community” centuries to accept the fact that meteors were in most cases of extraterrestrial origin.

The fact is if UFOs where explained as space craft from another planet or galaxy then they wouldn’t be UFOs.

Moving on.

What does Scientology say about UFOs?

Not really much.

One searches in vain to find the use of the term “UFO” in anything written or spoken in a lecture by Hubbard.

True much of the early Scientology literature and various lectures discuss the possibility that the thetan or spirit may be of extraterrestrial origins by virtue of existing in past existence on some other planet or galaxy.

What as even Hubbard refers to as the “space opera” aspect of Scientology that considers the possibility that one might have existed a “long time ago in a galaxy far away”.

The problem here is a typical confusion of terms either intentionally to discredit the subject or unintentionally due to ignorance of what a UFO cult or religion really is.

What currently are being called “UFO Cults or Religions” could more accurately be described as contactee cults, sects or religions.

Ones that believe that they or their leader has somehow made contact with aliens or extraterrestrials and that they have some how imparted or will at some future point impart their wisdom or their advanced technical knowledge to the recipient or recipients.

Much the same as angels in the past allegedly guided the prophets.

From this perspective Christianity could be considered a “UFO Cult or Religion”.

Again one searches in vain to find where Hubbard like Adamski, Rael, Moses, Job among others claims that he was visited by extraterrestrials or angels and again finds nothing.

Despite this fact. It seems that there are those in the media even those who live in the glass house of Christianity as covered previously who persist in tossing the stone of “UFO Cult or Religion” at Scientology.

Maybe they should examine their own beliefs.

Even those technocrats who believe in nothing but the materialism of the current religious theocracy known as “science“.

One that fervently believes that anything can be explained by the big bang theory, the theory of evolution or relativity or some other theory expounded with enough authority and is embraced despite the lack of conclusive evidence.

It is no secret to many including even scientists that science has lost any shred of objectivity and by attempting to “explain” away what can’t currently be explained has lost much credibility. Even among its own ranks. Never mind the layman they try to convince has the answer for everything which more pertinent to this article includes the UFO phenomenon which many dismiss with derision.

Not only that but they symbolically burn any heretic of the religion of Science at the stake who seriously studies this phenomenon.

That said Hubbard does offer a possible explanation for the phenomenon in a lecture entitled the Role of Earth.


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