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Source: Religious Liberty League » The First Independent Church of Scientology

We move from the fascinating subject of UFOs to this recent article posted on the Religious Liberty League’s website today.

My only personal criticism is that I never believed that Miscavige was personally responsible for the adverse changes in the Organizational structure of the Church of Scientology or solely responsible for the various Technical alterations which began prior to him falsely assuming the mantel of leadership.

Ironically it was as I have noted earlier David Mayo who personally introduced the changes to Scientology’s Grade Chart which are still being held in place by the current regime. Despite the fact that Mayo was declared a “ Squirrel“. The pejorative granted to anyone who alters Scientology technically .

Also as covered previously these include the arbitrary omission of several sections of Advanced Courses from what is known as OT III Expanded to the original OT VII.

Of course like common criminals they still leave clues at the scene of the crime and despite the current regime’s effort to relegate these levels to some Orwellian memory hole they are still mentioned in various writings by Hubbard even though these were later altered after the theft.

Another thing that Miscavige is given undue credit for is the destruction of the Mission or more accurately Franchise network of Scientology. A drama he only played a supporting role in.

That as well as being part of a cabal or conspiracy which “overthrew” the properly constituted authority of the Church which at time had been assigned to Controller of Scientology. Mary Sue Hubbard which according to the Scientology Ethics and Justice Codes is considered a High Crime or Suppressive Act.

All said.

It is a wonder that Miscavige has survived as long as he has as the “Ecclesiastical Leader” of the Church unless one considers that he has had overt support from the media in the case of over an hour’s air time on Ted Koppel’s Nightline almost immediately after removing Pat Broeker from his position of Loyal Officer claiming the issue allegedly written by Hubbard granting Broeker the authority was in fact a forgery.

Followed sometime later by what would be considered a “puff piece” by the St. Petersburg Times who until then had been in many ways rabidly antagonistic toward Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard in which Miscavige admits to keeping Hubbard out of the loop for several months regarding the removal of his wife from the position of Controller.

In that regard one wonders what other what other changes Hubbard was not informed or misinformed of?

As it has become obvious to many Scientologists that it is possible that he was being carefully fed disinformation on the new management’s successes after overthrowing the Controller and Guardian’s Office and seizing control of the Organization and that many of these successes could be attributed to Hubbard’s own changes that he personally made.

Such as eliminating what he considered was a “Ridge on the Bridge” and reinstating the full use of Book One Dianetics.

Creating the statistic Value of Services Delivered by the Organization.

Introducing the Service Completion Award which gave a certain percentage of money paid for training or auditing back to the parishioner.

Reintroducing the scholarship program which in many cases cut the price of training in Scientology methodology by one half.

Not to mention the cancelation of the LRHED the Solution to Inflation which created a monthly increase of prices for Scientology services and afterwards reducing overall prices for these services.

But back to the media’s overt endorsement of Miscavige’s leadership.

One that in many ways even has Scientologists believing that he is entitled to any succession of leadership when there is absolutely nothing written by Hubbard granting him such power over the Organization.

Then there is the possibility of Miscavige’s covert support by agencies of the Government who initially sought the full destruction of the subject by any means necessary.

Attested to by their own at one time “Top Secret” documents since released through the freedom of information act which according to one author:


The evidentiary record of the U.S. Government’s conspiracy against the Church of Scientology – extending, as it does, over more than two decades – has no parallel in American legal history.

There have been previous cases of official persecution of new religious sects (that of the Mormons, for example), but never before have so many agencies of the federal government joined forces in a dedicated – yes, a fanatical – scheme to destroy a legally constituted religious community.

That destruction of the church was the ultimate objective of the cabal there can be no doubt. The internal memoranda passed among the various agencies and departments involved, say so, clearly and emphatically.

After analyzing hundreds of governmental documents relating to the Scientology case, Rodney A. Austin, an expert on Constitutional and Administrative law, affirmed unequivocally that the U.S. Justice Department had directed “an allagency effort to malign, oppress, criminally prosecute and ultimately end the practice of Scientology.”

I reached a similar conclusion in my earlier work, already alluded to, which also carefully examines the role of such vested interests as the American Medical Association, World Federation of Mental Health, Better Business Bureaus, and others, in initiating the government’s offensive against the church throughout the world.

At that time, I did not have available to me the copious documentation which has recently been obtained by using the Freedom of Information Act. The church has been able thus far to acquire or to gain access to a mind-boggling 100,000 pages through administrative action, and another 100,000 pages through costly litigation.

Well-informed sources estimate that the various federal agencies and government departments are still withholding another hundred thousand documents pertaining to the church, its founder and/or its members. The Internal Revenue Service alone is said to have 33 linear feet of files, most of which that agency has refused to disclose, employing various obstructive tactics to avoid compliance with the law.

The Secret War Against Beliefs

In the end the subject of Scientology has survived despite overt efforts to destroy it and covert action taken to subvert the Organization.


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