Scientology Movie — L Ron Hubbard Great Grandson Jamie DeWolf Plans Expose | Radar Online

Source: Scientology Movie — L Ron Hubbard Great Grandson Jamie DeWolf Plans Expose | Radar Online

How would Jamie DeWolf have “insider information” one might ask?

Since anyone who knows anything about the history of the  Scientology Organization other then the distorted media version knows that Jamie father FKA L Ron Hubbard Jr. AKA Nibs who changed his name to Ron DeWolf who left the organization in the early sixties long before Jamie was born in 1977.

So how could this “expose'” be based on any “insider” information of his own?

Other then a rehash of various interviews that DeWolf himself gave to the media in the late sixties and throughout the seventies cumulating with his unsuccessful effort to seize control of his father’s estate in the early eighties?

Really old news.

Nothing new here.

Yet with the release of the so called “documentary” Scientology; Going Clear and the Prison of Belief by Alex Gibney based on the book by the same title by Lawrence Wright which seems to be a plagiarism of an earlier volume written by Russell Miller entitled Barefaced Messiah written shortly after L Ron Hubbard’s death.

Thus not giving Hubbard the opportunity to contest its contents in a libel suit.

In other words just another ghoulish attempt to malign the dead based on information that is appropriately easily available at any newspaper morgue.

Nothing new there either.

In fact much of what is being said by the media about Scientology these days isn’t really different from what has written in the past by Times magazine for example owned by the elitist Henry Luce who gave such a glowing endorsement of Hitler’s regime back in the thirties for his “economic miracle” for the most part based on slave labor.

But why quibble about such minor details?

Yet it seems that if our Orwellian media says that it is something new and that according to the source “and it’s set to blow the lid of (sic) the church once and for all!

Then it must be.


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