Who Stole the Original OT Levels?


Geographical processing is quite surprising in its results. It is done with Formula H. One gets the preclear’s efforts to reach and withdraw from, to grasp and let go, various geographical areas; and gets the preclear getting others trying to reach and withdraw from, grasp and let go, the same geographical areas; and gets the geographical areas trying to withdraw from and reach, grasp and let go, the preclear; and gets the areas reaching and withdrawing from, grasping and letting go, others.





As I wrote earlier I’ll be moving into the conspiracy aspect of the missing OT Levels which mysteriously vanished some time after the CIA’s and later INCOMS successes with the Remote Viewing program which according to the Federation of American Scientists:

The initial research program, called SCANATE [scan by coordinate] was funded by CIA beginning in 1970. Remote viewing research began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute [SRI] in Menlo Park, CA. This work was conducted by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, once with the NSA and at the time a Scientologist. The effort initially focused on a few “gifted individuals” such as New York artist Ingo Swann, an OT Level VII Scientologist. Many of the SRI “empaths” were from the Church of Scientology. Individuals who appeared to show potential were trained and taught to use talents for “psychic warfare.” The minimum accuracy needed by the clients was said to be 65%, and proponents claim that in the later stages of the training effort, this accuracy level was “often consistently exceeded.”

By the way 65% is considered rather impressive considering that anything above 25% in parapsychological testing is considered evidence of ESP.

Yet the team of Scientologists all graduates of Scientology’s Advanced Courses were able to exceed this level by 40% and in many cases even more.

As I have shown in an earlier article entitled Remote Viewing and the CIA. There is a definite link between earlier Scientology techniques known as Route One particularly the procedure known as R 1-9 where Hubbard has the person go to various locations in the solar system and what is currently called “Remote Viewing” and was probably the basis for Ingo Swann’s psychic Jupiter probe.

One could imagine the billions possibly trillions of dollars saved on the cost of Space Exploration if NASA funded research in the area of Remote Viewing instead of Remote Sensing.

But then think of all the contractors who would be out of a job.

But I digress.

It seems that the CIA even before it was the CIA and was known as the Office of Strategic Services during World War II was interested in utilizing psychic phenomenon as part of intelligence gathering according to Kenneth Kress the original Case Officer for the Remote Viewing Project originally known as Scanate (a truncation of Scan by Coordinates) which in the late ’70’s was transferred to the Army’s INSCOM for Intelligence Security Command which along with the NSA is located at Fort Mead also known as “Crypto-city”.

First under the code name Gondola Wish then later Grill Flame, Center Lane and others eventually being placed under the control of the DIA as Stargate.

As covered in my blog Remote Viewed. By 1989 Remote Viewing even though at the time it was still considered a “Special Access Program” was being offered by a corporation known as PsiTech by former military personnel who had been directly involved in the various Top Secret Remote Viewing programs.

Ironically none of these people were ever charged for violations of the Espionage Act.

Strange but stranger still was the fact that the Church of Scientology no longer offered those levels which produced the first Remote Viewers.

What Ingo Swann has to say about these levels back in 1973 in Scientology’s Advance Magazine when asked if “these abilities develop(ed) with relationship to your auditing on the OT Levels?” while working at SRI and indirectly for the CIA at the time is very enlightening:


They are solely the result of auditing. Not particularly even the OT Levels.

I had extremely good gains from lower grades. And some had developed certainly by the time Power Processing took place.

But steady good control over them, the control I have now — which is not perfect by the way — occurred after the completion of OT III Expanded, and is even better than ever now that I have finished OT VII.

So they are solely the result of auditing.


Especially since he would later obfuscate his connection to Scientology. Along with another former Scientologist by the name of Harold AKA Hal Puthoff.

In fact if one goes to the various websites that promote Remote Viewing. One will find the authors very coy about mentioning Scientology at all.

One could ask why those involved in Remote Viewing are so intent in obscuring the source of the subject which anyone who has done any honest research in the area knows is L Ron Hubbard the author of the subject Scientology?

Hubbard in many ways in this regard has become much like Nicola Tesla. Since most people think that it was Thomas Edison who came up with the idea of alternating current when in fact it was Tesla.

Yet the myth was created that Edison since he seized control of Tesla’s patent and used it to practically monopolize the distribution of electricity in this country was the man who conceived of A/C when in fact Edison fought against Tesla and Westinghouse promoting his Direct Current or DC as the best method of providing power.

Also it was Marconi not Tesla who was credited with creating the radio but actually again it was Tesla who discovered radio waves in the latter part of the 19th Century.

The sin that Tesla committed like Hubbard was to make his technology freely available to the unwashed masses instead of purely for profit.

In fact Tesla was working on a way for transmitting electric power wirelessly that many suspect was sabotaged.

Hubbard had learned by the mid ’60’s that the advanced technology of Scientology he had created shouldn’t be made available to everyone. For the following reasons:


Issued with a small amount of R6 data in 1964, three or four persons promptly used it on pcs knowing well it was forbidden. The pcs became ill or misernotional toward us. And just the day I write this (original writing 4 October 1965) 1 myself encountered a pc, very ill, who had had some original R6 data misused on her and did not suspect why her case and health had worsened. She was not ready for it at all.

The issue earlier was a trial balloon, in a sense. I found certain persons (a small minority) were not up to responsibility for the material of April 1964.

Therefore our firm action will be that the moment we find the material of the Clearing Course or OT Course has escaped or been misused we will quickly trace the person who was insecure and cut off all further or any future Clearing or OT data issue to that person. The likelihood of independent discovery even with clues has proven to be non-existent by actual review of auditors trying to find pieces of it when they had over half of the answers already.

You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people or repeat the original action and cave people in. A very small minority, receiving incorrect data did promptly use it harmfully on others after April 1964.

Until we ourselves have climbed well out of the hole, we must safeguard the materials. Our case gains depend on it. And others could make our salvage of people impossible.

We do not safeguard these materials from any commercial consideration. Our futures, those of each of us and those of all Scientologists, depend on our keeping this material under lock and safeguarded from abuse until we are well away as a group and can handle things better as individuals as well as a group.

The road is wide open to anyone to come up the grades and obtain them. But it is shut to any who misuse them or injure their security.

Students of the Advanced Courses, the Advanced Course C/S and Supervisor, Ethics Officers and all HCO and Org staff have it in their personal interest to enforce security of materials to the limit.

These restrictions apply to no data up to Grade V.

From Power Processing on up the data is confidential. Up to there, you can release Scientology data as you always have-freely and to everyone. But this last bit is dangerous in unskilled or uneducated or unscrupulous hands and it is purely ours. It belongs to the Scientologists who keep the show on the road and must be available to
them when they are ready.


Many critics of the subject say that because they haven’t gotten sick or died from viewing the Advanced Courses material that has been leaked by the media over the years that this somehow “proves” they are invalid but the fact is Hubbard never said one would get sick or die by merely viewing the materials.

Again this is one of those straw man arguments where a person claims someone says something they didn’t specifically say and then discredit it.

Usually the people who say Hubbard said this. Never do cite the actual source where he allegedly said it. As with most things they claim Hubbard is supposed to have said.

Either that or they intentionally quote what he says out of context as in the following case.

For instance he says regarding the Advanced Levels that “this last bit is dangerous in unskilled or uneducated or unscrupulous hands”. Just as any mental technology that has been developed it can be weaponized or abused.

He also says “three or four persons promptly used it on pcs knowing well it was forbidden. The pcs became ill or misernotional toward us.” Meaning the technology would have to have been applied or “used” in order to produce the adverse result. A step that as far as I know. No outside critic of the subject has taken so far.


Even so in the early ’70’s several Scientologists decided pretty much on their own to make this data available to the CIA and as I said sometime after this these levels that produced the first Remote Viewers disappeared off the Scientology Grade Chart. Never to be seen again.

If Scientology’s Advanced Levels were just a load of bunk as many so called “critics” of the subject seem to suggest then why the banishment of these particular levels and not others?

Yet after this we find that the Church of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office being rebuffed on various FOIA requests for reasons of “National Security”. Then the GO decides to obtain the information that the Government is withholding from them the old fashioned way by stealing it as some suspect at the urging of an agent provocateur carefully planted in the DC Branch of the Guardian’s Office by the name of Michael Meisner who not only arranges to hire an agent to “get the files” but then turns around and snitches on his former colleagues who in most cases merely only had guilty knowledge of his and his agent’s illegal actions and were lured into supporting them which was followed by participating in a cover-up and an effort to obstruct “justice”.

In fact some researchers such as myself have come to the conclusion that it was basically the same play that was played against the Nixon Whitehouse.

Ironic since Hubbard wasn’t particularly a big fan of Nixon.

After this the G-man come crashing down on the Washington and Los Angeles Organization with sledge hammers and chainsaws obviously to cause as much damage as possible while servicing a “warrant” that was broadly interpreted to include confidential religious confessional formularies.

The Guardian’s Office officers who participated in this “conspiracy” of trying to “get the files” that the Government was in many cases illegally withholding from the Church under the catch all shibboleth of “National Security” are then indicted who are then followed by a more Government friendly management who as one of their first actions after overthrowing and abolishing the GO also abolish the original Advance OT Levels after assuming control of the Organization.

So where did the original OT levels go?

Well for over a decade after this. The US Government continued its remote viewing program using techniques based on these upper level techniques who would later say that they found no operational value in using them which is contradicted by various books by former Remote Viewers published since.

As some such as myself suspect. The release of the documents related to Stargate was merely what is called a limited hangout and that the US Government continues to dabble in the area of psychic abilities used in espionage.




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