The Vanishing Point

What does Scientology do? It handles the problem of the reactive mind by subtracting the analytical mind from the proximity to the reactive mind or minds, puts the analytical mind into the kind of thinkingness and beingness it should attain and then permits it again to associate with the reactive minds. We have turned the problem exactly around and answered it exactly on a 180° vector. Instead of treating the reactive mind, I have found it possible to separate the analytical mind— which we call the thetan—from the body and, while it is separated, treat it until it is capable of handling with great ease any quantity of aberration in the reactive mind. This is the process on which we are working.

Would you please tell me how this process differs actually from the goals we first embraced? It differs only in trying to attain a higher level of beingness than was ever envisioned in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and it differs in bringing the analytical mind up to the point of handling the reactive mind instead of reducing the reactive mind until it can be handled by the existing analytical mind. We have something now which well exceeds the definitions and activities of psychotherapies, for we are dealing solidly in the field of knowledge. It is now our purpose to put minds into a condition whereby they can know, all by themselves and without further coaching. A preclear who has been brought up to a high condition of operating thetan knows that he knows.




28 April 1953



On the 12th of November 1981 L Ron Hubbard had issued the HCOB The New Grade Chart Streamlined for all Lower Grades. Placing New Era Dianetic Auditing or NED after the Scientology Lower Grades.

He explains the reason for this in HCO BULLETIN OF 12 DECEMBER 1981 THE THEORY OF THE NEW GRADE CHART:


The main change in the new Grade Chart is that Dianetics and Scientology have been switched around. One gets his Scientology, per this chart, before he gets his Dianetics.

Chronologically, then, Dianetics came before Scientology; and it would seem natural that one would give Dianetics to a pc before he gave him Scientology auditing. But wait, Scientology ARC Straightwire and grades were developed as an undercut to Dianetics.

It was Dianetics that made the first Clears. Scientology grades do not make Clears, even though they sometimes exteriorize a person.

So this has now been made real on the new Grade Chart. Lower Scientology grades have been placed below NED.

There are other technical reasons for this change: The pc usually needs a lot of work on his life, his relationships to his environment today before he has an easy time confronting his bank as in NED. By giving him Scientology first, things are made much easier for him when he sails into NED and when he goes Clear.

The Scientology lower grades unburden an awful lot of bank and environment when properly applied to a cooperative pc and can give him wins, wins, wins in his normal life.

This makes, too, for a happier end result.

In most cases, it shouldn’t add to time in session, but on the contrary, can shorten it up.

Also, there should be no particular reason to give lower grades after a person has gone Clear if his life problems have already been unburdened.

What is happening, with this new Grade Chart, is that one is correcting the relative positions of NED and Scientology lower grades.

I trust we can look forward now to even more Clears coming off the line.


Prior to this the Dianetic Grade was completed after ARC Straightwire and before the Preclear started Grade 0.

It was anticipated that only a very few who actually ran Dianetics would attain the State of Clear.

This view changed with the release of New Era Dianetics in  1978 when it was discovered that far more had attained Clear on Dianetics then originally thought.

Not only that but that those who did go Clear had difficulty running Dianetics after that and so Hubbard developed a Dianetic Rundown specifically for Clears and OTs known as NOTs or NED for OTs which he called the “second wall of fire”.

Probably the reason it was called the “second wall of fire” was because it addressed a phenomenon that had become evident on OT Section III described in RJ 67 as the original “wall of fire”.

Yet for technical reasons wasn’t fully alleviated by doing OT III and OT III Expanded.

One that according to Hubbard’s research prevented a Pre OT from fully going OT and with its discovery allowed him to release OT VIII which had been developed earlier in late 1968 along with several other levels above that in the early seventies.



The subject of Scientology is to some degree developed in reverse order. The task was to undercut the current level of Man and this was the general target. Therefore one finds the higher levels publicly spoken of most frequently in the earlier books and tapes (between ‘51 and ‘55). In seeking full application to others and attainment for them of their potentials it was necessary to codify the materials and develop processes for them.

Any difficulties people were having with going Clear were handled in the mid ’60s and OT levels as they exist in Advanced Orgs were completed by ’68. There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more people’s full attainment of OT VI & VII.


Is it possible then that these higher OT were either hiding in plain sight when according to Rathbun and Rinder they and the team at RTC ransacked Hubbard’s ranch some time after his death in search of the missing OT Levels above OT VIII in the late eighties or that they were already securely stored in one of the mysterious Church of Spiritual Technology’s underground vaults?

In the former case. There is much earlier material dealing specifically in what is considered as “OT Phenomena”  known as Route One in the publication Creation of Human Ability published in 1954.

Also what are known as the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures recorded in 1952 covers them as well. Not to mention other various lectures and writing at the time that discuss the abilities of a thetan exterior.

In regard to the latter. It seems that our clueless sleuths here missed the obvious clues as to what these upper  levels were intended to address as covered in HCO BULLETIN OF 29 JANUARY 1981 and its later revisions entitled  FES CHECKLISTS AND SUMMARY where the first levels above OT VII are listed as:

NEW OT VIII (Truth Revealed)

NEW OT IX (Orders of Magnitude)

NEW OT X (Character)

NEW OT XI (Operating)

NEW OT XII (Future)


Then there is Rathbun’s  either disingenuous or ignorant statement that “the religion permitted no one but Hubbard to write up any level.”

Contradicted by various Board Technical Bulletins issued that list the processes run for each level of the Scientology Grade Chart.

Proving that Hubbard in most cases didn’t personally write up any level beyond outlining what the type of processes each level should consist of and their end result.

This is evident in the first issue of Scientology’s Grade Chart where in the beginning the type of process used in achieving the end phenomena of the level was left to the discretion of the auditor auditing the case.

It was only later after the quickie grades fiasco that he turned that responsibility over to Scientology’s Board of Directors.

Strange that Rathbun as the former Inspector General of RTC didn’t know these facts.

Thus one could see that if the current Organization was actually interested in moving the Scientology public and staff to the highest levels of OT according to the Scientology scriptures then whoever was responsible for technical delivery could technically research the earliest materials of the subject to find a type of process, action or drill that would achieve the end result of those OT Levels listed above OT VIII.

As Hubbard said in his last lecture to the public and staff RJ 39 “OT Technology is my job releasing it is up to International Management.”

Yet to this date there has been no release of any of the levels above OT VIII by the Church of Scientology.

Not only that but the distinct absence of several former levels such as original OT IV, V, VI and VII which existed previously on the Scientology Grade Chart.

What is known as a Technical Degrade in Scientology.

Instead what seems to be happening is that those who have reached the current highest level which is OT VIII as basically being told that they have to start practically at the bottom again under the current edicts of what is known as the “Golden Age of Tech” which seems to have become a circular path instead of a “Bridge to Total Freedom”.

Could this be due to a possible conspiracy to prevent the attainment of the state Operating Thetan?



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