The Original OT Levels

You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people or repeat the original action and cave people in. A very small minority, receiving incorrect data did promptly use it harmfully on others after April 1964.

Until we ourselves have climbed well out of the hole, we must safeguard the materials. Our case gains depend on it. And others could make our salvage of people impossible.

We do not safeguard these materials from any commercial consideration. Our futures, those of each of us and those of all Scientologists, depend on our keeping this material under lock and safeguarded from abuse until we are well away as a group and can handle things better as individuals as well as a group.

The road is wide open to anyone to come up the grades and obtain them. But it is shut to any who misuse them or injure their security.

Students of the Advanced Courses, the Advanced Course C/S and Supervisor, Ethics Officers and all HCO and Org staff have it in their personal interest to enforce security of materials to the limit.

These restrictions apply to no data up to Grade V.

From Power Processing on up the data is confidential. Up to there, you can release Scientology data as you always have – freely and to everyone. But this last bit is dangerous in unskilled or uneducated or unscrupulous hands and it is purely ours. It belongs to the Scientologists who keep the show on the road and must be available to them when they are ready.


Issue V



If one studies the earlier materials of Scientology. One can see that the earliest objective was what was called exteriorization and after this having the thetan or spirit now exterior become familiar with operating in the physical universe.

If one looks at the Scientology Grade Chart. One sees what are called the Lower Grades and Dianetics followed by what are called the Advanced Levels which includes Grade V, VA followed by R6EW, the Clearing Course which were developed in the Mid 1960’s and then by the end of the decade complimented by seven original OT Sections.

The abilities attained were:


Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe.


Ability to confront the whole track.


Return of full self determinism.


Certainty of self as a being.


Re-familiarizes a thetan exterior with the physical universe.


Ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly, extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.


Rehabilitation of intention.

To be followed by what was known as OT III Expanded. A Level done after OT VII was completed which became part of what was known as the OT Expansion Program:


the se- quence of promotion and delivery of OT III and OT III Expanded is (1) OT 111. (2) completion of past auditing cycles in the AO HGC and any required case handling actions, such as C/S 53, GF 40X and any other set-up for OT VII, as determined by the C/S. (3) OT VII. (4) OT III Expanded.

Hubbard Dictionary of Administration and Management Dictionary .


Why was OT III Expanded?

Much of this is covered in what are considered the Confidential Materials of Scientology specifically relating to that level which addresses a certain phenomenon that hinders a being from fully reaching the state of Operating Thetan.

One that isn’t fully addressed by simply doing OT III.

A parallel would be the relationship of Dianetics and Expanded Dianetics which was developed around the same time because it was found that a simple address of the case with Standard Dianetic auditing didn’t fully address all engrams.

If one looks at the development of the Grade Chart since its first issue in 1965. There was a period in the seventies when not just the OT Levels and Dianetics were expanded but all lower grades as well.

This was done after what were known as “Quickie Grades” came into common use.

Not only that. But it was found that many who had gone onto their OT Levels did not have the full End Phenomena of the Lower Grades.

In order to remedy this over sight OT IV included catching up any missed or incomplete lower levels before moving the person onto what would be considered an actual OT Level. OT V. Where the person is re-familiarized as “a thetan exterior with the physical universe.”

It is interesting to note that the first Remote Viewers contracted by the CIA in the early 1970’s were all graduates of the above Advanced Levels of Scientology.

The program during the two decades it was in operation under various cryptonyms had produced some startling results known in the vernacular of the time as “the eight martini result“.

Much of this described in a book written by two of the scientists involved in the project entitled Mind Reach and later books published by various Remote Viewers.

It seems that while the Intelligence Community was exploring the possibility of utilizing psychic abilities for spying that the Church of Scientology was having difficulties with various US Government agencies.

They as in the Guardian’s Office in particular were trying to address this by legal means and became involved in various Freedom of Information lawsuits and would eventually settle for the old fashioned method used by Intelligence Agencies the world over of acquiring the information and that was by stealing it which led to the indictment and conviction of eleven members of the GO.

A chain of events which would lead to their overthrow and the change in the Church’s management structure described in the previous chapter.

Not only that.

But a radical change in Scientology’s Grade Chart excluding four of seven of the original OT Levels. What is known in Scientology as a Technical Degrade.

Something we’ll delve into further in the next installment.





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