The Mysteriously Vanishing OT Levels

Clear is followed by the state of OT (Operating Thetan),attained in sections. An individual can operate totally independently of his body, whether he has one or not. An OT is now himself. He is not dependent on the universe around him.



They say that “everyone  loves a mystery” but maybe there are some exceptions.

Sometime in early 1982 the original OT levels mysteriously vanished from the Scientology grade chart. Leaving very few clues as to what happened at the scene of the crime.

One key suspect would be David Mayo who at the time was the highest official of the Organization responsible for technical delivery of Scientology known as the Senior Case Supervisor.

Not only was Mayo Senior C/S International but was also a founding member of the Religious Technology Center and would be later declared a squirrel.

Yet despite this fact. Many of the changes that he had instituted to the Scientology Grade Chart still remain in force even to this day.

I myself as in the case of “Shadow Management” have searched for a Scientology reference written by L Ron Hubbard or anyone else for that matter. Calling for such a change in the structure of the Grade Chart as outlined in 1982 and have found none.

So again. It seems that aside from arbitrary “policy” there seems to have been arbitrary technical actions also taken at the time that once again did not align with what are called the Scientology Scriptures that seem to parallel one another and were not mutually exclusive.

In other words the change in organizational management, the elimination or “abolishment” of the Guardian’s Office  and transfer of Scientology’s advanced technology to RTC may have contributed to the alteration of the structure of the Grade Chart.

As we see in the more recently revised version of the book What is Scientology originally published in 1978 but revised after the change in the  organization’s organizational structure:


NOVEMBER 1, 1981

The Church of Scientology International was founded, signaling a new era of Scientology management. A strong standardized corporate structure was required to facilitate the rapid expansion of Scientology and maintain high ethical standards in a widespread international network of churches. This followed a series of Sea Org inspections that discovered that the Guardian’s Office (which had been established in 1966 to protect the Church from external attacks and care for its legal matters) had become entirely autonomous and corrupt. The Guardian’s Office had been infiltrated by individuals antithetical to Scientology and had become an organization that operated completely apart from the day-to-day activities of the Church. Their secret actions in violation of Church policy had resulted in eleven members being jailed for obstruction of justice. Sea Organization executives overthrew the Guardian’s Office and disbanded it. Part of the measures taken to ensure a similar situation could never recur was the formation of the Religious Technology Center on 1 January 1982. L. Ron Hubbard bestowed the trademarks of Scientology to RTC, whose purpose is to safeguard the proper use of the marks and ensure they remain in good hands and are properly used.


In other words what the authors of the above are basically saying is that the new management was forced to “Mutiny”  in order to “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”. Both of which are considered suppressive acts or high crimes according to HCO POLICY LETTER OF 23 DECEMBER 1965RB SUPPRESSIVE ACTS; SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS.

An area I’ll delve into further in a later installment specifically about the Guardian’s Office. Here I am merely pointing out the fact that shortly after this change the original OT Levels would mysteriously vanish from Scientology’s Grade Chart and like the GO tossed down some Orwellian Memory Hole within the Organization.

What would be the  possible motive behind this change?

In the next chapter I will be discussing some arcane and technical issues regarding the original OT Levels.

Nothing that would be considered confidential.



The subject of Scientology is to some degree developed in reverse order. The task was to undercut the current level of Man and this was the general target. Therefore one finds the higher levels publicly spoken of most frequently in the earlier books and tapes (between ’51 and ’55). In seeking full application to others and attainment for them of their potentials it was necessary to codify the materials and develop processes for them.


Any difficulties people were having with going Clear were handled in the mid ’60s and OT levels as they exist in Advanced Orgs were completed by ’68. There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more peopleâ’s full attainment of OT VI & VII.



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