Character Assassins (Part 2)

As even John Sanborn can tell you, I have been very chary about releasing any actual information about myself. I had a rather large collection of old-time photographs which I thought we might put into Ability, and at the last moment made John put in something else. I have not been anxious, in other words, to put up a big show of myself, thinking that Scientology was enough for its own sake. In this I have apparently made an error. I look over possible available sources of unbiased information concerning my own past, and discover that while it could be traced down on official records in libraries and other places and confirmed, there is no one who even knows enough about it to do that job of coordination. Thus it is necessary that I release some accurate biographical information to supplant some of this rumour and hodge-podge which has been spread around in the name of information. There is plenty of authenticating and documenting material if one cares to look for it.

Now I know that it is extremely bad taste to put out any data concerning oneself, or to talk about oneself, but if people see fit to talk about one and, having nothing to talk about, therefore lie about one, and if this rebounds as widely as it has, through presses, books, plays and motion pictures, certainly one has some responsibility for putting out something like an accurate biographical narrative to say the least, and so we are doing so at this time, and then I can forget about it and go on doing something more important.




19 December 1955


The late Fletcher Prouty seems to put mildly what Russell Miller’s and thus later so called “Biographies” of Hubbard based on Miller’s “research” ,much of it taken from the files that Gerry Armstrong a former “archivist” had allegedly taken from Hubbard’s personal “archives”, actual intent was to terminate Hubbard’s character with extreme prejudice.

The cowardliness of such action is evident by the fact that Miller’s book Bare Faced Messiah was published posthumously.

Not only that but as Fletcher Prouty noted in his letter to Miller’s publisher:


I discovered that many of the people with the Church, among them many who were working with their own lawyers to develop a defense in these cases, did not know, themselves, the intricate workings of deep, Navy intelligence…where Hubbard worked. Unlike MI-5’s Peter Wright, Ron Hubbard was of the old school. He never revealed important intelligence sources and methods. As a result, in some cases, these Church members themselves had been unable to properly brief their own counsel in order to defend themselves from these imaginative lawyers as they ought to have done. This factor appeared to lend credence, in court documents, to many untrue and highly imaginative stories.


Thus the Church of Scientology to a greater or lesser degree is responsible for how Hubbard was presented in Miller’s book. Aside from the above is also the fact when given an opportunity to hire Prouty to write Hubbard’s biography they chose instead a relatively obscure spy novelist by the name of Dan Sherman who himself had no personal experience in the wilderness of smoke and mirrors of espionage as his biographer.

As far as I know Sherman has not to this point written a definitive biography of Hubbard’s life of any kind while being presented by the Church of Scientology  as “Hubbard’s official biographer”.

Before this Omar Garrison was tapped for the job which he willingly accepted in the beginning but who after his association with Armstrong became bitter toward Hubbard and Scientology.

An interesting turn of events since before this point Garrison was one of the few journalists who could have been considered an ally of the Church. Having published two books based on meticulous research proving in his own words a  “U.S. Government’s conspiracy against the Church of Scientology” and one he goes on to describe ” – extending, as it does, over more than two decades – has no parallel in American legal history.”

“There have been previous cases of official persecution of new religious sects (that of the Mormons, for example), but never before have so many agencies of the federal government joined forces in a dedicated – yes, a fanatical – scheme to destroy a legally constituted religious community.

That destruction of the church was the ultimate objective of the cabal there can be no doubt. The internal memoranda passed among the various agencies and departments involved, say so, clearly and emphatically.

After analyzing hundreds of governmental documents relating to the Scientology case, Rodney A. Austin, an expert on Constitutional and Administrative law, affirmed unequivocally that the U.S. Justice Department had directed “an allagency effort to malign, oppress, criminally prosecute and ultimately end the practice of Scientology.”


Yet it seems that after his encounter with Armstrong who according to Garrison in a signed declaration after leaving “the organization, he continued to work with me on the biography project because he was the only person who appeared to know the materials well. He did so at my request and was not paid for his service, which he performed out of friendship and goodwill. His successor, Vaughn Young, did supply me with some sensitive documents after Gerry’s departure, but he was unable to help me organize and cross-check the material already in hand.”

Thus Garrison possibly like Hubbard may have in regard to Miscavige  according to his signed declaration may have fallen for one of the oldest tricks of the trade in the shadowy world of espionage and that is making oneself indispensable to the target and earn their trust before utterly betraying them or in the case of Garrison using him to betray someone else in the process known as “turning” him using disinformation.

That Armstrong was a possible agent of disinformation is evident in his own words recorded on video tape where he says “We don’t have to prove a goddam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”

Who around the time he was gratuitously helping Garrison had  filed a lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology file by Flynn and Associates AKA FAMCO for Flynn Associates Management Corp the same law firm handling the case with Hubbard’s estranged son Ron DeWolf and other former high level members of the Church of Scientology.

Yet it seems that Garrison was oblivious to any possible conflict of interest as it isn’t mentioned in his declaration.

As it didn’t didn’t occur to Garrison that Armstrong would want to paint the worst possible picture of Hubbard and the Church of Scientology.

Then the files that Armstrong claims to have taken from the Church themselves are of questionable provenance. None fully verified for their authenticity. Much like the famous MJ-12 documents allegedly proving a vast conspiracy between the US Government and extraterrestrials never were by those who truly “want to believe” whether it be that little gray aliens run the US Government or that Hubbard is the devil.



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