David Miscavige Agent of Influence

As the Organization rapidly expands so will it be a growing temptation for anti-survival elements to gain entry and infiltrate, and attempts to plant will be made.



Again according to the late Miles Copeland  an agent of influence is “a catch-all phrase covering all categories of persons in a given country whose personal aims and desires fit nicely into what we want, and who, with a bit of encouragement and support, could become more systematically effective than they were when operating entirely on their own.”

Similar to what is also considered  “a source” in agency parlance which “is not a paid agent but an individual who can occupy a position of influence, such as an international banker, a member of the print or television media, or a scholar or academic, who might be in a position to influence official decisions or supply necessary support for an official CIA position.”

According to what is called the Crowley List published on the website Cryptome shortly after Robert Crowley’s death on October 8th 2000.

Needless to say there has been much controversy about the validity of the list and the “sources” named on it which includes David Miscavige.

Yet the fact still remains that Miscavige held and still hold considerable undue influence over the Scientology Organization.

Much of it attributed to Hubbard himself who assigned Miscavige to what was known as the “Special Project” which involved the creation of Author Services an organization dedicated to promoting his fiction works which I will cover in greater detail later and his defense for Miscavige’s actions in regard to this by saying:


Since there apparently have been specific allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge and authorization and for my benefit. The charge that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false and not worthy of further comment than that.


In what is known as the Riverside Declaration of 15 May 1983. A legal instrument again allegedly signed by L Ron Hubbard  himself accompanied by his finger prints  accepted by the court as giving  his “proof of life” .

It is easy to see that if the Plaintiffs in the suit could not prove that Hubbard was dead then they could prove that he was incompetent by assigning someone involved in “wrongdoing” to directly handling his personal affairs.

So one could ask if Hubbard really felt this way about Miscavige or if he was advised to feel this way about Miscavige ?

Then again it is possible that Miscavige and with the help of others were presenting an distorted image of his actual competence using Hubbard’s  channel for any communication from the organization which was controlled by  Pat Broker .

By that time Hubbard had moved to a ranch near Creston a small town just outside of San Luis Obispo with his two aides Pat and his wife Annie Broeker handling his personal communications who would later be declared “Loyal Officers” in a document of questionable provenance entitled the Sea; The Future.

After Hubbard’s death Broeker made a brief appearance at the requiem in his honor at the Hollywood’s Palladium Theater then several years after this would be accused of forging the above document and eventually vanish into obscurity or so it seemed only to revealed later that the Church through hired PIs was keeping a watchful eye on his activities.

What I found interesting was that since leaving the Church  Broeker spent almost a decade in the Czech Republic in eastern Europe which was then as now a hot bed of CIA and NATO activity.

An interesting place for a man that according to the above article “that even Hubbard had called Broeker ‘007.’

Back to Miscavige who through the “Special Project” managed somehow to maneuver himself into a position of taking control of the entire Organization by eliminating the GO and the Controller’s Office according to Marty Rathbun in his book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior  via “secret orders” allegedly assigned to him from Hubbard personally. Many of these alleged “secret orders” in contradiction to Hubbard’s own policies as covered in earlier articles in this blog particularly the one entitled “Shadow Management”.

Strange that much of what the Church has tried to keep secret in the past is pretty much available on the internet with the exception of these so called “secret orders” allegedly written  by Hubbard that according to former high officers of the Church allowed Miscavige  radically restructure the Organization placing him at the pinnacle of Scientology’s hierarchy.

Again to quote a very astute author of an upcoming book on Watergate.

Only fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail.

Yet there is a paper trail linking Miscavige directly to the CIA. Though questionable as it may be. It is still something other then rumors, hearsay, vague recollections and authoritative statements by others unsupported by any documentary evidence whatsoever than their say-so.

Of course paper trails can be forged and altered in order to mislead researchers such as many of us believe Hubbard’s past military history was either to create a legend as the late Fletcher Prouty suspected or used to assassinate Hubbard’s character by claiming he “lied” about his past.

Despite the fact that Hubbard himself  had said very little about his time  in the Navy or much of any other time in his life other then the occasional antidote.

In fact Hubbard himself was never enthusiastic about having an biography written.

As we shall see in the next episode.



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