Scientology and the CIA

What I’m trying to tell you is that the enemy works from the World Federation of Mental Health on the advisory panels of Intelligence Agencies and thus they can be parasite to any Intelligence Agency and they can push their little favors and reports down the line, do you see, because they’ve got pals. Furthermore there is some connection between Intelligence and the newspapers that are being brought up left and right in England and therefore if they’re connected with the World Federation of Mental Health, Thompson is connected with the Russians. Also “Truth” – the guy who owns all the “Truth” newspapers that were fighting us so hard down in Australia and so forth, he must have some connection. We are now tracing these connections.

But its very interesting that this is a technical thing… these guys have been playing it too long and too often; CIA and M.I.6 and the rest of these guys have been playing the same game too long – now they call it a covert operation, and that is its technical term, and its total target is to reduce the power of a competitor or enemy and increase their own.

LRH Aides Conference 2 November 1969 

Covert Operations



Sometime back I started another blog entitled “spyontology” much of it  speculation and inductive research based on documents obtained through the freedom of information act from the FBI, CIA, State Department and other Media sources that it seems by the documentary evidence involved in a disinformation campaign against the Church of Scientology and the subject itself for over a period of over two decades.

Although there is much evidence to suggest that CIA was involved in an operation to exploit the subject of Scientology for its own purposes particularly what are known as the Advanced Course materials through various agents who were Scientologists such as Harold better known as Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price hired as contractors through the Stanford Research Institute.

Something covered in a previous article of mine and various books on the subject.

There was no smoking gun to suggest that their direct involvement went beyond what was considered psychic intelligence gathering of PSIint.

Or so it seemed until I had the good fortune of reading Miles Copeland‘s autobiography entitled “The Game Player”. Just recently.

Needless to say the late Miles Copeland was an interesting and colorful character. One who was deeply involved in covert political action for the CIA who says some very interesting things about Scientology in particular.

On page 120-121 after dismissing “anti-CIA exposes” exposing CIA initiated projects involving mind control exposed by various journalists and before that by L Ron Hubbard himself in his book Science of Survival.

He admits:


Yes it’s quite true that one of our OPC lads slipped a hallucinogen into the mint tea of Indonesia’s President Sukarno as he was about to make a speech, with the result that he made a perfectly rational case for “positive neutrality” when, with his normal wits about him, he would have babbled nonsense.


Probably in what has become known as a “limited hangout“.

In other words it was all good fun until someone lost an eye or in the case of Frank Olson is defenestrated who he callously mentions as somebody trying to fly.

Then going on to say:


We carried on ESP experiments with a Mr and Mrs Brown, she in Richmond,Virginia, and he Istanbul, in which she sent him messages by mental telepathy which arrived, with reasonable accuracy, before the same messages sent through regular CIA channels reached the Istanbul station chief.


Not mentioning the fact that the CIA continued its fascination with psychic phenomena through out the sixties and early seventies according to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act in the mid 1990’s which would later involve members of the Church of Scientology.

Then coming to the clincher that proves that CIA’s interest in Scientology began very early. Probably much earlier than 1957 as covered in documents already released through FOIA:


And we planted an agent in the Scientology cult who became “clear” under the tutelage of Ron Hubbard himself, and then demanded and got more and more “operation expenses” … to be turned over, in addition to his own life’s savings, to cause of dianetics.


Giving one the impression that OPC (Office of Policy Co-Ordination which would later become the Directorate of Plans and then the Clandestine Services) had learned a valuable lesson regarding “the Scientology cult”.

But then nothing is what it seems in what the former head of Counter-Intelligence James Jesus Angleton once called a wilderness of smoke and mirrors.

In fact when we get to pages 176-177  we are introduced to a Bob Mandlestram who conceived what he and Copeland called “OHP” for “Occultism in High Places”. A political operation that involved “planting astrologists on certain world leaders” and using “a colorful Georgetown figure known as Grandpa Moses who, in turn, relied on voodoo magic, the rights of which were prescribed by our own CIA.”

Obviously in the latter case  ignoring the National Security Act and CIA’s  own charter about acting as a foreign intelligence service.

Moving on we find that the political operatives of OHP didn’t just restrict themselves to “voodoo magic”, “prescribed by our own CIA”  and astrology but to “something called Moral Rearmament, known as MRA, an interdenominational politico-religious moment started by a nut named Frank Buchman. It propertied to deepen the spiritual life of its members, thereby inducing them to behave responsibly and altruistically in their public lives. What caught Bob’s was the social level at which the movement operated. It was aimed at leaders (emphasis in the original), and its literature was so designed. It was in other words appalling.”

Yet despite being appalled by its elitist overtones. This didn’t seem to stop him and Bob from making “similar arrangements with Scientology, the brainchild of another nut, this one a science-fiction writer named Ron Hubbard, we were well on our way to having a political action capability which would the highly expensive, largely ineffective and largely overt ‘covert action’ of Bill Casey’s seem trivial by comparison. “MRA will hit ‘em high and the Church of Scientology will hit ‘em low! Bob liked to boast, and he was right.”. Even though he considered Scientology a “cult”.

One wonders who would have made such “similar arrangements” since Hubbard himself personally eschewed any Government involvement in Scientology. Going so far as to declare Scientology to be free of any politics in the early sixties. In his policy Politics; Freedom From.

In the next chapter we will take up the possibility that the Church itself is being influenced currently by what Copeland describes as an Agent of Influence on page 187 as “a catch-all phrase covering all categories of persons in a given country whose personal aims and desires fit nicely into what we want, and who, with a bit of encouragement and support, could become more systematically effective than they were when operating entirely on their own.”




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