Remote Viewing and Scientology

You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people or repeat the original action and cave people in.




Funny how those who promote Remote Viewing seem to shy away from its origins.

Even the person many consider to be the “father of remote viewing” the late Ingo Swann barely makes any mention of its actual origins in his e-book that claims to tell the “real story” about Remote Viewing.

Yet like many of the books on the bookshelves of Scientology Organizations that claim to be “Based on the Works of L Ron Hubbard”.

Remote Viewing itself holds the same distinction.

Having been developed by three Scientologists who were all at advanced levels of Scientology known as Operating Thetan or OT of which the end phenomenon particularly the Level known as OT section five or OT 5 which is said to:

Re-familiarize a thetan exterior with the physical universe; freedom from fixated introversion into MEST (Matter, Energy, Space and Time).

Familiarization is done using similar techniques to those developed by L Ron Hubbard back in the early 1950’s and described as Route One in the book Creation of Human Ability.

For instance there is a process or action known as R1-9 AKA the Grand Tour which consists of the following:


The commands of the Grand Tour are as follows: ‘Be near Earth’, ‘Be near the Moon’, ‘Be near the Sun’, ‘Be near the Earth’, ‘Be near the Moon’, ‘Be near the Sun’, ‘Earth’, ‘Moon’, ‘Sun’, giving the last three commands many times. Each time the auditor must wait until the preclear signifies that he has completed the command. The preclear is supposed to move near these bodies or simply be near them, it does not matter which. The Grand Tour continues with ‘Now find a rock’, ‘Be inside of it’, ‘Be outside of it’, ‘Inside’, ‘Outside’, ‘Inside’, ‘Outside’, ‘Be in the center of the Earth’, ‘Be outside of Earth’, ‘Inside’, ‘Outside’, and back and forth until the preclear is able to do this very rapidly. Then the Grand Tour continues, ‘Be near Mars’, ‘Be at the center of Mars’, ‘Outside of Mars’, ‘Center’, ‘Outside’, ‘Now more down slowly toward the surface’. The preclear will probably question this, for he has run into a force screen, or thinks he has. ‘All right then, be on the surface of Mars’, ‘Be above Mars’, ‘Be on the surface’, ‘Be above Mars’, ‘Move down to the surface of Mars’. He is shifted into various positions in the vicinity of Mars until he is entirely used to that planet. When the preclear is entirely comfortable in the solar system by reason of running the Grand Tour, do Change of Space with him, first on all the locations where he has received auditing, therapy or treatment of any kind here on Earth. Next do all the key locations mentioned in ‘What to Audit’ (History of Man) such as the entrance point of the MEST universe, the place where he made his first facsimile, etc. This is run in this fashion: ‘Be at the place where you entered the MEST universe’, ‘Be at the center of this room’, ‘Center of this room’, ‘Entrance point’, ‘Room’ and so forth until the entrance point is in present time. The preclear should be made to run change of space on any area until that area is in present time. Originally it could be conceived that only the place where the preclear is is in present time, that all other places are in past time to the degree that they are far from the preclear. The object is to get all areas into present time. Caution: Change of Space is never run with the command, ‘Be here’, ‘Be there’. For when the preclear is ‘there’ it has become ‘here’ to him. Thus the actual designation in brief should be given each time.


‘Put up eight anchor points as though they were the corners of a cube around you’, ‘Now pull them in on you.’ ‘Put up eight more.’ ‘Pull them in on you.’ Any dopiness or increasing sadness on the part of the preclear or a feeling of degradation comes about from lack of havingness. In the Grand Tour it is more important for the preclear to locate and occupy exact locations in space and in objects than it is for him to examine the surrounding area.


As any one can see. All one would have to do is change the above locations to geographical co-ordinates on Earth and viola!

One would have what was initially called “scanate” by the CIA a truncation of Scanning by Co-ordinates first developed at the Stanford Research Institute as a means of acquiring Psychic Intelligence on various targets.

A technique that produced such “tantalizing results” that the US Government’s Intelligence Community funded further research into this area for almost a quarter of a century before claiming to end it in the mid 1990’s or so they say.

Of course anyone who takes the Government at its word has probably also funded the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge and likely is the proud owner of “ocean front” property in Nevada or Arizona.

More can be said about this and will be in upcoming posts.

For now I will end this post with an article by Ingo Swann when he was asked

ADVANCE!: How did these abilities develop with relationship to your auditing on the OT Levels?

INGO: They are solely the result of auditing. Not particularly even the OT Levels.

I had extremely good gains from lower grades. And some had developed certainly by the time Power Processing took place.

But steady good control over them, the control I have now — which is not perfect by the way — occurred after the completion of OT III Expanded, and is even better than ever now that I have finished OT VII.

So they are solely the result of auditing.

An Interview with Ingo Swann ‘Advance! 21’, [Oct-Nov 73]


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