When Distraction Becomes Destructive

Source: When Distraction Becomes Destructive

For those who don’t know who Marty Rathbun is.

He at one time held the position or post of the Religious Technology Center’s Inspector General.

Personally I don’t give that much credence to what former members of the Scientology’s Sea Organization say any more.

As I wrote earlier. My personal experience has been that when asked to cite actual documents to support their authoritative statements that the elitism which existed when they were officers of Scientology’s most elite organization still persists even after they leave the organization and move into what is called the “independent” field.

A topic I’ll discuss at another time. Since I seem to have plenty of time on my hands.

That said. There are occasions when they drop the occasional pearl of wisdom for all us swine.

I feel this is one such occasion.

I’ll reproduce what Marty says here at the above link with my comments:


“In 2001 Germany’s largest domestic spy network was riveted on scientology.  For years they had been treating scientology as top priority for infiltration and elimination.  The prime locus for attention was scientology’s greatest German stronghold, Hamburg.”


Really no surprise especially if one reads Hubbard’s Working Theory and Notes of SMERSH. Not to mention various books that have since been published on the origins of Germany’s Intelligence Agencies such as Blowback America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Destructive Impact on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy.

Scientology has just simply replaced various religious and political sects that were persecuted by the Nazis at one time. Though the actions are not as extreme as they were in the past.


“Remarkably, the following facts were given next to no attention over the next fourteen years of media obsession with terrorism.  The 9/11 attacks in America were planned, trained-for, and staged from Hamburg Germany;  all the while Germany’s law enforcement intelligence apparatus was chasing scientology.”



Again what Marty says is true to the extent that Mohamed Atta‘s group operated in Hamburg for some time before moving to the US.

Though there is some question as to whether they were the actual perpetrators of what has become to be called 9/11.

Even so if more attention had been placed on Atta’s cell instead of Scientology they may have acquired some valuable intelligence on the actual operation and the actual players involved.



“From 2009 through 2011, the US Department of Justice assigned some of its most experienced and decorated agents to make a case against scientology and its leader David Miscavige.  During that time period, and since, the Department of Justice failed to even attempt to prosecute a single one of the billionaires whose greed created the international recession we are still feeling the effects of today.  A handful of criminals destroyed 40% of the wealth of planet Earth – and profited handsomely in the bargain – and continue doing business at the same old stand.  If you’ve bought the line that jailing Wall Street gangsters would only constitute vengeance or wreak greater financial disaster, think again.  Once their lucrative housing bubble burst, they turned to speculating on food commodities.  Notice what’s been happening with your grocery bills over the past seven years? Ever wonder why?”


Again Marty makes a very valid point though I’d also like to add that Marty himself along with his friend Mike Rinder  were part of the effort to urge the Justice Department to take such action against David Miscavige in particular but would obviously include investigating Scientology as well.

All one has to do is look a Marty’s along with Mike Rinder’s history of earlier postings on their blogs urging such action and where they also discuss their participation in the actual investigation as informants for the FBI.


“In November 2015 Belgium’s justice department is making hay out of its attempted prosecution of scientology.  While the trial proceeds, again only after the fact European law enforcement is frantically scouring Belgium since it has been exposed as a critical terrorist planning and staging ground in the wake of the 13 November 2015 Paris atrocities.”


Very true.

Not mentioned here though is that some of the terrorists responsible for the November 13th attacks may have originated from Belgium and obviously remained under the radar while as Marty says they were “making hay out of its attempted prosecution of scientology.”

Yet this distraction is not new. The so called “Justice” Department spent much time and expense on prosecuting eleven Scientologists who were part of effort to “infiltrate” the US Government in order to obtain files that were withheld from them despite various Freedom of Information requests for nebulous reasons of “National Security”.

Ironically while doubled spies like Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen were cleaning out the store.


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