The Covert War Against Scientology

What we are being subjected to is what is called a “Covert Operation”.


LRH Aides Conference

“Covert Operations”

2 November 69

Much has been written about the Church of Scientology and its enigmatic founder L Ron Hubbard of questionable “accuracy”. Probably the two exceptions are the late Omar Garrisons two books the Hidden Story of Scientology and Playing Dirty; The Secret War Against Beliefs based on hundreds of documents released through the Freedom of Information Act causing the author to conclude:


The evidentiary record of the U.S. Government’s conspiracy against the Church of Scientology – extending, as it does, over more than two decades – has no parallel in American legal history.

There have been previous cases of official persecution of new religious sects (that of the Mormons, for example), but never before have so many agencies of the federal government joined forces in a dedicated – yes, a fanatical – scheme to destroy a legally constituted religious community.

That destruction of the church was the ultimate objective of the cabal there can be no doubt. The internal memoranda passed among the various agencies and departments involved, say so, clearly and emphatically.

After analyzing hundreds of governmental documents relating to the Scientology case, Rodney A. Austin, an expert on Constitutional and Administrative law, affirmed unequivocally that the U.S. Justice Department had directed “an all agency effort to malign, oppress, criminally prosecute and ultimately end the practice of Scientology.”

I reached a similar conclusion in my earlier work, already alluded to, which also carefully examines the role of such vested interests as the American Medical Association, World Federation of Mental Health, Better Business Bureaus, and others, in initiating the government’s offensive against the church throughout the world.

At that time, I did not have available to me the copious documentation which has recently been obtained by using the Freedom of Information Act. The church has been able thus far to acquire or to gain access to a mind-boggling 100,000 pages through administrative action, and another 100,000 pages through costly litigation.

Well-informed sources estimate that the various federal agencies and government departments are still withholding another hundred thousand documents pertaining to the church, its founder and/or its members. The Internal Revenue Service alone is said to have 33 linear feet of files, most of which that agency has refused to disclose, employing various obstructive tactics to avoid compliance with the law.


The additional documents Garrison is referring to are summarized by the former Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology in a booklet simply entitled Top Secret.

Yet it seems that David Miscavige in his speech given on October 8th 1993 totally ignores this voluminous evidentiary record of attacks against the Church of Scientology which includes those initiated by not only the AMA and the APA but by “law enforcement” agencies such as InterPol and the FBI but also include members of “Intelligence Community” as well particularly CIA and SIS AKA MI6 using their witting and unwitting agents in the press and other media to spread a false narrative about the subject of Scientology and its founder.

Instead for some reason he places the total onus of these attacks on the IRS. True the Internal Revenue Service contributed to these attacks by  arbitrarily revoking the Church of Scientology’s 501Ciii status ten years after granting it. A fact that isn’t even mentioned by Miscavige in his long and winding magical history tour.

Nor does he say that this action led directly to Project Hunter and the poorly conceived Guardian’s Order or GO 1361 authored and initiated by Micheal Meisner  whom many suspect was already working as a CI or Confidential Informant for the FBI and who’s exclusive testimony led to the indictment and conviction of the two highest officers in Scientology at the time as well as nine others.

One could ask why Miscavige who many at this time now consider to be the highest officer of Church omit such gory details and present his own false narrative of actual events?

A possible reason seems obvious and that is to entirely discredit the Guardian’s Office by totally ignoring the good work they had done in the past in defending the Church and exposing the conspiracy against the Church of Scientology by giving the impression that they were totally incompetent in order to justify committing what is considered a High Crime or Suppressive Act in Scientology’s Ethics and Justice Codes of  “mutiny ” and  “seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or ‘to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology'”.

An office that L Ron Hubbard personally created in 1966 and later would say in his personal Journal issued in 1976 known as RJ 28:


Many executives in the senior world of Scientology do splendidly. They have spread Scientology further and further by their hard and excellent work. To keep the show on the road. There was a time when Scientology’s forward progress was dependent upon what I had done. This is no longer the case. Still there amongst those sea of bodies is the Guardian Office. It’s the formost organization of its kind on the planet and we’re very lucky to have it. And so is the planet.


More on this in a later article. For now we return to David Miscavige’s revisionist history. One that carefully avoids any mention of a possible conspiracy beyond the IRS and only in the past tense because:


These people – once our enemy – now see us as friends. And for my part, the feeling is mutual. So, don’t you hang onto the charge. It is now time to move into the future.


Yes and what a wonderful future that is my dear reader!

To quote that old Timbuk 3 standard   “The Future’s So Bright Gotta Wear Shades

Or is it?

One thing that hasn’t really changed is the media assault that in many ways has actually intensified supported by various  “tell all” books by disaffected former members of the Church who once held its highest offices.

Various critical “exposes” written by so called “investigative journalists” in many cases plagiarizing Russell Miller’s book Madman or Messiah or at least using it as a template.

Even what some call a “documentary” based on one the above that is actually being considered for an Academy Award.

The same Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that recently nominated that obvious agency propaganda “Zero Dark Thirty”  which justifies the use of torture.

Then there are the hundreds if not thousands of critical “news” articles published.

Adding to all this what Scientologist call entheta. Are various countries that want to outlaw the practice of Scientology in their country such as Germany, Belgium and Russia.

What about Scientology itself?

Well contrary to its own PR we find through various polls that the number of people who say they are Scientologists or associate themselves with the Church of Scientology is actually declining and that the Church is being subsidized by a wealthy few who probably amount to one percent or maybe as high as two and a half percent of those still considered to be “on lines”.

Not only that but the Church itself is being rivaled by what is considered an “Independence Movement” with many declaring themselves “Independent Scientologists“. A faction that began in the early eighties with the regime change in Scientology but has only increased since.

But I digress.

Again we go back to Miscavige embracing the IRS in a metaphorical man hug claiming them as best buddies and friends for life. Proclaiming to the faithful that the “war is over” and to look toward the future.

One we can see is basically the same as the past. Only worse in many respects with the minor exception that the IRS after revoking Scientology’s tax exempt status for just over a quarter of a century has finally given it back.

But at what cost?

A question I asked myself then and still ask now.

In the next chapter we will examine the Faustian deal known as the “Secret Closing Agreement”.



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