Scientology Conspiracies (part 2)

Scientology, well understood, is a very powerful thing. Well used, it can do a great deal for the social order and for the individual. Poorly relayed, poorly communicated, monopolized or used exclusively for gain, it could be a very destructive thing.

The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress tape lecture #15

 What Scientology Is Doing

6 June 1955

Scientology’s International Base or Int Base FKA Gold Base (since it mainly housed the Audio/ Visual facilities for Golden Era Productions)north of Hemet in Riverside County California was established sometime in the late 1970’s and was originally known as SHQ for Summer Head Quarters of L Ron Hubbard though he spent very little time there preferring what was known as Winter Headquarters or WHQ AKA “Over the Rainbow” a former resort close to La Quinta in the Coachella Valley before moving to Creston east of San Luis Obispo.

Hubbard’s final years on earth are pretty much shrouded in mystery. Some say he was hiding out while others say he went into seclusion at his ranch in Creston shortly after the indictments were handed down against his wife Mary Sue and ten other members of the Guardian’s Office where he was named as an ” unindicted co-conspirator“.

There is even a question that Hubbard was still alive or if he was that he was being held against his will? Raised by his estranged son FKA L Ron Hubbard Jr. AKA Nibs who changed his name to Ron DeWolf his mother’s maiden name after leaving Scientology in the early sixties in a lawsuit filed by Flynn and Associates in the early eighties which was eventually dismissed with a declaration signed by L Ron Hubbard which included his finger prints.

Whatever the case the fact is that L Ron Hubbard had turned over the control of Scientology to what was called International Management and had transferred ownership to his trademarks and service marks to the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology to the Religious Technology Center.

Though what isn’t mentioned in the lecture he had given to public and staff known as Ron’s Journal or RJ 38 (parts 1 & 2) is that he had turned over ownership of all copyrights to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Again as earlier I will link to the following website which although somewhat speculative in some aspects is also well documented. A fact which is ignored by many of its critics inside and outside of the Scientology Community who accuse its authors of being “conspiracy theorists”.

Yet as I wrote earlier. It provides “food for thought” by virtue of the fact that despite what the author or authors’ speculations are about the fate of L Ron Hubbard. They have provided documentation.

That is an actual paper trail as opposed to the authoritative pronouncements of a few formerly highly placed “defectors“.

As L Ron Hubbard once said:

If it isn’t written it isn’t true.

Not that everything written is necessarily true. The current media is something that defies truth in many ways and it is known that intelligence agencies have the ability to forge various documents.

But the fact is documents can be verified in most cases for their provenance whereas eye witness accounts tend to be in many cases unreliable.

A combination of the two is even better though as time passes and because witnesses either become senile or die of old age. This is not always possible. Thus most historians are left with nothing but a paper trail to reconstruct historical events. Such as letters, dispatches, diaries, cables etc.


What we can rely on as far as Scientology is concerned on what Hubbard intended at least Organizationally is contained in relevant policies which outline the duties and responsibilities of various divisions, departments, sections, units placed on the Scientology Org Board which at one time was prominently on display in the reception areas of all Scientology Organizations but for some reason no longer is.

Supplemented by various recorded lectures which give further explanation of these duties and functions.

Thus we know that if Hubbard’s actual intention was to “abolish” the position or post of The Guardian for example he would have clearly stated it in policy which he never did before his demise.

Another interesting fact is that many of the positions or posts that the current management say exist do not exist in actual policy letters. Even in the more current volumes of what is called the OEC.

For instance if one looks at a currently out of print publication known as the Command Channels of Scientology. One sees the Religious Technology Center placed conspicously at the top of what looks like a pyramid of Scientology management organizations with the conspicuous absence of the Church of Spiritual Technology. An organization that legally is the most senior Organization since it has the option to assume full control of Scientology’s Trademarks and Service Marks under certain conditions stated in its bylaws.

Yet one searches in vain to find any mention of CST in any policy letter written by Hubbard or even RTC which is only mentioned once in the current OEC volumes in a revised policy entitled Counterespionage.

In fact this is the case with many of the various entities mentioned in the above booklet such as the Watchdog Committee or the Commodore’s Messenger Org.

What anyone who is familiar with the Data Series would call a major “outpoint” known as “omitted data” or more accurately omitted policy.

One would think that what is called LRH or Ron’s Technical Research and Compilations Unit would have made provisions for such changes immediately following Hubbard’s death by various policy revisions if Hubbard did indeed establish this new management structure which is probably why certain Scientologists are suspicious of Scientology’s current management.


As the evidence suggests. There seems to be an effort to obscure who is actually in control of Scientology and how the Organization is actually run which is definitely not according to any published policy.

A subject I will go into greater detail in a later edition of this bog.






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