Character Assassins (Part 2)

As even John Sanborn can tell you, I have been very chary about releasing any actual information about myself. I had a rather large collection of old-time photographs which I thought we might put into Ability, and at the last moment made John put in something else. I have not been anxious, in other words, […]

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The Character Assassins (Part 1)

The Nazi brought personal character destruction up to a fine art in its propaganda activities. Guardian Order 7 May 1971 Notes on SMERSH     In Nazi Germany, the Nazi Party and then the whole state propaganda machine were launched to discredit the Jewish population, cause hostility among Germans against ethnic minorities, plant the seeds […]

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David Miscavige Agent of Influence

As the Organization rapidly expands so will it be a growing temptation for anti-survival elements to gain entry and infiltrate, and attempts to plant will be made. HCO POLICY LETTER OF 30 OCTOBER 1962   Again according to the late Miles Copeland  an agent of influence is “a catch-all phrase covering all categories of persons […]

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Scientology and the CIA

What I’m trying to tell you is that the enemy works from the World Federation of Mental Health on the advisory panels of Intelligence Agencies and thus they can be parasite to any Intelligence Agency and they can push their little favors and reports down the line, do you see, because they’ve got pals. Furthermore […]

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Remote Viewing and Scientology

You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people or repeat the original action and cave people in. HCO POLICY LETTER OF […]

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When Distraction Becomes Destructive

Source: When Distraction Becomes Destructive For those who don’t know who Marty Rathbun is. He at one time held the position or post of the Religious Technology Center’s Inspector General. Personally I don’t give that much credence to what former members of the Scientology’s Sea Organization say any more. As I wrote earlier. My personal […]

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