The Lone Miscavige Theory (part 1)


There is no “hidden data line”. To believe there is makes an ARC Break.

The apparency is somebody’s pretence to know from me more than is on the tapes and in books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody’s alter-is of materials. This looks like a “hidden data line”. It surely isn’t.

All the lower level materials are in the HCOBs, Pol Ltrs or on tapes.

All the GPM materials released are here waiting for the student when he reaches that level.

One could say there was one if one was way off the main data line. But it sure isn’t hidden. It’s on courses and in orgs.

I laughed one time at the top flight US Government White House entrusted psychologist. He looked over some startling IQ changes, said such a thing would revolutionize psychology overnight if known and added “no wonder you keep your technology secret!”

That is very funny when you look at how hard you and I work to make it known to all!

The data line isn’t hidden. It’s there for anyone to have. There’s lots of it is possibly a source of trouble in releasing it. But it’s all on courses in Academies or Saint Hill. You could have. a copy of everything in the tape library if you wanted. It might cost a lot, but you could have it.

There is no hidden data line.

There’s a lot of data I haven’t had time to write down and put on a line for sheer press of time. But I work hard to do it.

But even my closest staff and communicators when it hears of a new process or plan from me verbally, sees it in an HCOB or HCO Pol Ltr a few days later.

Don’t for heaven’s sake mistake alter-is by somebody as evidence of a hidden line.

In Scientology we say “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”. That applies to orders. Somebody says “Ron said to . . .” and on a veteran staff you hear the rejoinder “Let’s see it”. I’ve had raw meat walk into an org and say “Ron said I was to have 25 hours of auditing”. And in the raw meat days of orgs, they sometimes were given it. So we have learned the hard way-“If it isn’t written it wasn’t said”.




Unfortunately this social conditioning that causes a knee jerk reaction to what is considered “conspiracy theory” isn’t just limited to the mainstream media but includes many Scientologists as well which is one of the main reasons I started this blog.

Many it seems would rather believe in what I derisively call “the lone Miscavige theory”.

That is the idea that David Miscavige all by himself was able to seize and take total control of the Scientology organization.

Ironically it seems that two of his former coconspirators who assisted his rise to power as Scientology’s virtual dictator are now two of his biggest critics. Not only that but are the biggest promoters of “the lone Miscavige theory”.

Even going so far as to label those who such as myself offer an alternative explanation to what is currently wrong with the Organization as being possible agents of the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

An assertion that is in itself a “conspiracy theory” and as covered earlier another case of the pot accusing the kettle of being black.

Only different in the sense that it is an authoritatively or officially endorsed  “conspiracy theory” much like the one that nineteen hijackers were not only able to evade airport security carrying metal box cutters but also penetrated the most heavily guarded airspace in the world to accomplish an asymmetrical attack unparalleled in history. Hitting three out of four of their primary targets without a single fighter scrambled to challenge them.

Moving back to the subject of Scientology. There are many questions that could be asked about Miscavige’s rise to power and why he is able to continue to maintain it that many Scientologists seem unwilling to ask even challenging those who ask such questions which poses another interesting question.

Why is that?

For if it were true that Miscavige alone maybe with the help of a few minions was able to single handedly seize control by some Triumph of the Will it really doesn’t say much about effectiveness of the subject and maybe that is why this fallacy is promoted especially by Scientology’s detractors but also by those who claim to be its “supporters”.

The latter who derisively dismiss any documented evidence to the contrary that Miscavige may have been assisted in his conquest of the Scientology Organization by “friends” in high places.

For example there was such a document circulated on the internet from the site Cryptome a forerunner to Wikileaks sometime back called the “Crowley List” allegedly obtained from Robert Trumbull Crowley “a senior Central Intelligence Agency officer from 1948 until the mid-1980s” which included David Miscavige’s name.

Also Miscavige incriminates himself when in 1993 he called those at the IRS his “friends“:

You can see how happy Norman, Heber, Marty and myself are. But who is that giving the thumbs up on the left? That’s right – the IRS. Let me be clear. These people – once our enemy – now see us as friends. And for my part, the feeling is mutual.

Again an organization that L Ron Hubbard himself defined as:

“a organization over in the United States that practices legal banditry on all the citizens, and so on – the real government of the United States, since it’s the one that has the authority over every individual citizen, including senators, congressmen and the president…” 6312C31 copy

So who needs the Agency when one has the Service on speed dial?

All flippancy aside. Not only did Miscavige make nice with the IRS but was also deputized as Scientology’s own Revenue Agent according to the formerly “Secret Closing Agreement” which I’ll cover in greater detail in another post as a Church Tax Compliance Committee Chairman:

Purpose of Church Tax Compliance Committee. The Church Signatories and others as described below shall form a Church Tax Compliance Committee (the “CTCC”). The purpose of the CTCC is to ensure that Scientology-related entities, including those recognized under section III of this Agreement as tax-exempt continue to be organized and operated in conformity with the requirements of Code section 501 (c) (3) and the provisions of this Agreement. Further, the CTCC is to ensure that no Scientology-related entity, regardless of whether the entity is described in Code section 501 (c) (3), engages in any conduct that may endanger the tax-exempt status of any other Scientology-related entity or that would otherwise be in contravention of this Agreement….


The individual members of the CTCC are David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Mark Rathbun and Heber Jentzsch. No individual member of the CTCC shall be permitted to withdraw from service on the CTCC, except by reason of death, being adjudicated an incompetent, or by mutual agreement of the parties to this Agreement…

Of which:

David Miscavige will act as the initial Chairman of the CTCC. He may be removed from this office and replaced by another individual CTCC member by majority vote of the CTCC members. The CTCC shall promptly notify the Service of any change in the Chairmanship. The Chairman may act on behalf of the CTCC, and bind the CTCC, except where a specific provision of this Agreement requires the action of more than one CTCC member.

Isn’t it nice that the IRS would take such an interest in the Scientology Organization that they’d ask the “CTCC (to) promptly notify the Service of any change in the Chairmanship”?

Just think of all the paper work involved in making such a “change”. Never mind all the questions that the IRS would ask about having their good friend David Miscavige removed from his lofty position as their own legally appointed “Chairman”.

Of course many would have Scientologists believe that somehow Miscavige made his way to the top of the Scientology pyramid all by dint of his personality alone isn’t supported by credible documented evidence. Yet the fact that his rise has been assisted by the highest levels of the US Government is.

To quote a source fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail,”

In part 2 we’ll explore possible reasons for the “lone Miscavige theory” so stay tuned.


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