Rogue Spooks by Dick Morris

Another fascinating book is Dick Morris’ Rogue Spooks. Dick has been a political player for quite a number of years when he became an advisor and campaign manger to Bill Clinton who managed to steer the public around the minefield of Clinton’s various affairs and get him elected with the simple message “it’s the economy […]

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The Big Lie

I’ve been reading a lot of books on history and politics lately and I’d just like to share my views on what I’ve read. The first one is a book by Dinesh D’souza entitled The Big Lie. True Adolph Hitler originated the concept of “the big lie” in Mein Kampf  but the fact is that […]

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Terra Cognitive Dissonance

Seems every time this person posts an article on Rinder’s blog I feel this compulsion to respond. Maybe it could be a condition of some kind that is listed in the latest DSM or could be that reading one of he, she or it’s screeds is like being forced to listen to someone scratch a […]

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From Another Mike Drop

As anyone knows who lives in the  Scientology diaspora Mike Rinder added two weekly features. The “Weekly Funnies” which has gotten less funny and more redundant as time goes on. Sort of like the same stand up comic who pulls off the same routine time after time to the same audience, time after time and […]

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The Church of the Aftermath

I have to admit that I’ve never watched A&E’s  Scientology ; Aftermath. Not because of what they say about Scientology, but because I don’t watch “Reality Television”. Along with game shows I personally think of them as a bane on society. However existing in the Scientology diaspora as I have for many years it’s hard […]

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Terra (In) Cognita

This is another one of those rants I subject what few readers I have to occasionally. Every once in a while I feel that I have to get something of my chest about one of Mike Rinder’s featured writers over at his blog. Of course whoever is posting over there under the handle of “Terra […]

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