Scientology and Politics Part IV

One finds, hanging around the easel of the painter, women who are “artistic” but who are, so far as their actual conduct is concerned, seeking not to create anything but to escape the name which is rightly theirs. One finds some poor young fellow who could have been a fine architect educated into the Great-Art-Can-Only-Be-Done-By-Moral-Lepers […]

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Scientology and Politics Part III

There undoubtedly exists a formula for the speed and advance of ideas. For example, a man named Ibsen, by writing a few plays, wildly altered, single-handedly; the entire cultural aspect of Scandinavia within a few years. Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of Mankind. Individuals and not masses form the culture of the […]

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Scientology and Politics Part II

  POLITICS   Now and then you hear me speak derisively of governments and ideologies- including democracy. If, by seeing I criticize an ideology, anyone seeks to believe I embrace its opposite, he has failed to get the point. What political system could work amongst very aberrated people? A democracy or a communism would be […]

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Scientology and Politics

Way back when I started this blog my intention was to add my own perspective or viewpoint to the cacophony of opinions about the subject, the founder and the organization. Over time I realized that I was just another voice in the wilderness and then I had an epiphany and that was “what’s the point?”. […]

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The Sea Org Junta or Coup

Definition of junta 1: a council or committee for political or governmental purposes; especially : a group of persons controlling a government especially after a revolutionary seizure of power a military junta 2: junto Definition of coup plural coups play \ˈküz\ 1: a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act She pulled off quite […]

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Some Comments About 911

Many of us are waiting with baited breath for the release of the JFK assassination files and I will do an in-depth article once they are released to the public. In the meantime I’d like to revisited a more recent event and that is 911. I’ll admit to those who don’t already know that I […]

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